The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1925 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross

Stronghurst Graphic: May 14, 1925

AWARDED CONTRACT: The Board of Education of Community High School District No. 104 and the Directors of the District met in joint session and closed contracts for the erection of Stronghurst's proposed new school building. The contract for the general construction work was awarded to H. B. Nelson Construction Co. of Davenport, Iowa. The heating, plumbing and lighting part of the job was awarded to Carstens Bros. of Ackley, Ia. Representatives of these concerns were present and signed the contracts which totaled the sum of $99,913 ($1,480,710.66 in today's values), which is below the original estimate. H. B. Nelson Co. expects to sublet the contract for the excavating for the building within a few days and that actual work on the long-delayed project for furnishing this community with an adequate school building may be expected to begin soon and to be pushed rapidly to completion:

CRASH: Last Saturday evening the big Buick touring car belonging to A. E. Jones and being driven at the time by his son Dixson, collided in the intersection of Broadway and Dixson in the village with a Ford touring car known as the "Mayflower" being driven by Keith Stratton. The noise of the impact of the two cars was heard for several blocks and the result was rather disastrous to both machines. The "Mayflower" was turned completely over with the windshield smashed and the radiator damaged beyond repair. The Jones car, while left standing on its wheels, was damaged to much grater extent than the smaller car, its front axle being bent around so that the left front wheels stood almost at right angles with its normal positions. The fender and front mud guard on the same side of the car were demolished, the engine was torn from its fastenings, the crank case fractured and considerable other damage done. Luckily the occupants of both cars escaped without a scratch. Stratton managed to leap from the "Mayflower" in time to escape being caught underneath the wreck while Jones remained unhurt behind the steering wheel of the Buick.

The Jones car was headed south on Broadway while Stratton was going north on the same street and the collision seems to have resulted from a misunderstanding on the part of each driver as to the other's intentions concerning making a turn into Dixson Street at the intersection where the accident occurred Both drivers claim to have been driving at moderate speed, but the nature of the damage to the two cars would indicate that they came together with considerate momentum

THEY WON THE TROPHY: Stronghurst High School's fast relay team composed of Eldred Kemp, Verne Leinbach, Clarence Harvey and Frank Wilcox brought home from Macomb meet last Saturday the massive loving cup which constitutes the trophy for the relay event in the annual event. This coveted prize has been won twice by Knoxville and once by Abingdon and once by Avon and had it been won by Knoxville last Saturday, it would become the permanent possession of that school. What makes the victory of the local team especially satisfying to them is the fact that although pitted against Knoxville and Avon, the teams which won the Military Tract and Knox Relay events respectively at Galesburg on May 1st, they raced ahead of both these teams last Saturday:

GIFT TO LAHARPE HOSPITAL: The LaHarpe Quill told of an act of munificence on the part of one of our Stronghurst citizens toward one of LaHarpe's public institutions: "Following closely the announcement made a few weeks ago of a $2,500 gift to LaHarpe Hospital by an unknown friend comes another handsome gift of $1,000 to be used as an endowment fund for the institution. C. K. Kaiser, Stronghurst bank, and a brother of W. B. Kaiser of LaHarpe State Bank is the giver. The money comes in the form of a note secured by a mortgage.

An endowment fund is just what is needed for the hospital as money wisely invested brings in a perpetual revenue and the principal remains intact. Many large hospitals, colleges and other public institutions are provided for in that way. Mr. Kaiser's gift should prove an incentive for others to donate. The interest on a few thousand dollars would assist greatly in putting the business on a self-supporting basis."

ACID PHOSPHATE FREE: To each customer who will call at our office we will give 10 pounds of acid phosphate, enough to apply on 1/20 acre of corn. One Farmers Elevator Co. in Illinois handles between $8.000 and $9,000 worth of fertilizer per year. One Henderson County farmer who used seven tons last year claimed his yield of corn was almost double where he used the acid phosphate. We have only a few tons of Raw Rock Phosphate left-E. G. Lewis Seed Co. (The company is encouraging farmers to add to their manure fertilizer.)

MUSICAL CONCERTS: The high school orchestra will give a concert Tuesday evening at 8 pm at the Lyric Theatre. No admission will be charge and everybody is cordially invited. An orchestra from the West Side United Presbyterian Church of Monmouth will give a sacred concert in Media, Ill. United church next Sabbath morning, May 17th at 9:45 am. Everybody is invited to come and enjoy the musical feast with us-Thos. Howell, S. S. Supt.

LOCAL AND AREA NEWS: Mr. and Mrs. John Avery of the neighborhood west of Stronghurst are the parents of a fine young daughter born last Sunday, May 3rd. The Latin Club of the local high school enjoyed a trip to Burlington for a picnic supper in Crapo Park Friday evening. Miss Evelyn Fort, who has been connected with the musical department of Monmouth College for the past two or three years, has been engaged to teach pipe organ and piano in an exclusive girls' school located at Chambersburg, Pa. The position is said to be a very desirable one from several points of view, and Miss Fort's many friends will extend to her their congratulations on her winning the place,