The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The Blessings of Christmas - Theme for 2021 Book

by Dessa Rodeffer
Quill Publisher/Owner

December 1, 2021

Shirley and I are busy putting together the ads for the 2021 Christmas Book and are hoping you will help us by sending in recipes, photos, stories of any nature that reflects a blessing you receive or have received at Christmas.

It can be a song or a poem, a Quilt or a Craft, a puppy, a pony or a cat, or a neighborly jesture from someone. Your story can be long or short. It can be an act of kindness or a moment where someone or something has made you feel blessed during the Christmas season. We are unaware of so many blessings that are all around us that brighten our days, so sometimes we have to go on a scavanger hunt.

We need to look around, and notice things, from the moment the sun peeps over the horizon to shed light across this good earth, to the evening stars, we must see what we have - a butterfly fluttering across our window, a gentle breeze whisking leaves up into a pile for children to play in, to a friend stopping in to visit or bring us baked goods - we receive blessings that can bring joy to our day, and especially at Christmas.

As adults we drag our feet, think of our tired bodies, our health. We dwell on what isn't and who isn't here anymore, but the blessing of Christmas brings childlike gleefulness back, if we let it. Will you go on a "Blessing" Scavenger Hunt? Look for things that delight you at Christmas and write them down or take a picture. We have 8 days to have the book finished and sent to the printer by the 8th, so you must hurry and send it today. You will be surprised at the Blessings that come at Christmas. Bring story or picture etc. to The Quill or email them to:, or PO Box 149, Stronghurst, IL 61480.