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Oquawka Village Board Meets

by JEFF TEE, Special For The Quill

The Oquawka Village Board held their regular meeting on Tuesday, August 3rd with Village Trustees Don Rice, Shawn Lain, Tammy Bundy, Brian Collier, Scott Ray, Brenda Tee; Village Clerk Callie Thacker; Village Attorney Andy Youngquist; and Village President Lori Lipes present.


Insurance Agent Jackie Cain addressed the board to say there was a miscommunication which prevented her from being on the agenda, however she stated she needed to go over some changes to their policy with them so she would use the public speaking forum to do that.

Cain stated that at some point before the village's 4th of July fireworks display, Oquawka Fire Protection District President Donna Dunn had called her to say the OFPD wanted to be listed as additional insured on the policy. Cain stated she told Dunn she would not open up coverage for the fire department because the OFPD was its own entity. Cain went on to say that Dunn was very adamant that the village would be responsible if there was an emergency and OFPD had to respond. Cain stated she told Dunn it is the fire department's job to respond when called upon. Cain said she called the insurance carrier to inform them the village would not add OFPD as additional insured. The carrier agreed, but because of that conversation, a liability endorsement for fireworks was added to the policy at a cost to the village of $147/year.

Village resident Penny Moore addressed the board to complain about trucks not following the rules at the truck parking lot. She stated over the weekend two trucks parked incorrectly and one of them let their truck run for 2 ½ hours and that later a truck pulling a stock trailer parked there all day and stated she was not going to put up with stock trailers parking across the street from her house and if something wasn't done about it, she was going to pursue other avenues.

It was noted that only one truck has yet to pay the yearly parking fee.


Mayor Lipes stated she had asked CGB for five loads of gravel to be delivered to the levee parking lot for repairs. CGB has delivered the gravel.

Tee stated the finance committee has been working on the water department budget and asked street and water Supervisor Jeff Petersen if he anticipated buying any water meters this year.  Petersen stated he always has some on the shelf.  He went on to say he orders six meters per month because it takes about a month to receive them. He stated the cost was $125 per meter.


Oquawka Police Chief Clifford Adam has resigned in order to take a job in Aledo. The village will start the process of finding a replacement for the Police Chief position.


Dan Bigger addressed the board to ask for a $500 donation for the Wounded Warriors Tractor Pull to be held on September 4th. Dan stated there will be food vendors at the pulls along with arts and crafts vendors. He went on to say there will be a parade at noon with a tractor drive following.

The board voted unanimously to donate $500 to the tractor pull.

The board voted unanimously to donate $335 for a concrete pad for the Welsh Memorial Bench to be placed upon.

The board also voted unanimously to give Village Clerk Callie Thacker a $1/hour raise.


Bill Raines, representing Excel Gaming Entertainment, addressed the board to request issuing a combination liquor license to the owner of the gas stations in the village. This would allow the gas stations to have video gambling machines on site. Greg Beucher, who owns D.C.'s bar and Fisherman's Inn, was in attendance to oppose the gas stations having gaming. Greg explained gas stations pay less for alcohol than an establishment that has a license to pour. He also stated giving a gas station such a license would be a loop hole and that the state had not intended for gas stations to have gaming. Greg went on to say that he was a client of Excel Entertainment and gaming was 90% of his business. He said if excel puts in gaming at the stations, he would find another gaming distributor. Mr. Raines stated that after hearing Greg's exception to the gas stations having gaming, he was withdrawing his request in order to not lose Greg's business.

Mike Cook told the board he would like to become the baseball coordinator for Oquawka and that he would like to bring baseball back to Oquawka and have more than one team here. Lain stated he has talked with Mike and the last few years have been very unorganized. Lain said he felt if they a had a designated coordinator, it would help with the situation.

The board voted unanimously to have Mike Cook be the baseball commissioner for Oquawka.

Tee opened the sealed bids for the demolition and removal of Palace II.

Horton Farms                  $46,500

B & C Salvage                $32,500

Josh Bigger                    $48,016

Tee made a motion to award the contract for demolition and site restoration at 115 front Street to B & C Salvage, LLC at a cost of $32,500. Second by Lain.

Rice: YES  Lain: YES  Bundy: YES  Collier: Abstain  Ray: Yes  Tee: YES. Motion carried.

Meeting was adjourned.

Jeff Tee
River Rat News
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