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Council Meets, La Harpe has deed to 118 E Main St.

By: Michael Rodeffer, The Quill

At their regular meeting held March 22nd the La Harpe council was informed by Mayor Kat Hasten-Reed that city attorney Chris Scholz had sent her a copy of the deed for the property at 118 E Main Street.

The city had paid the $800 of back taxes owed and is now the owner of said property. This will allow the city to be eligible for a grant to help with the demolition of the building on the property. The city can then come up with a plan for redevelopment of the property. By redeveloping the property, the city would not have to pay back any of the grant.

Police Chief Larry Finch informed the council that the Dodge Durango police vehicle that the city had ordered has been built and should be shipped to the Macomb dealer in the next 30-35 days.

Finch also handed out quotes for a dash cam for the new vehicle in the amount of $4,795. This includes the camera, software and hardware to have it installed. The council unanimously approved the purchase of the dash cam.

Water superintendent Tim Graves informed the council that the banks at the sewer plant lagoon were deteriorating. The problem appears to be from muskrats and turtles digging into the banks.

Graves said the other towns use 4"-6" rock on their banks and suggested doing the same. Graves said it was estimated it would take approximately 150 tons of rock. Graves said the city crew could try and dredge along the bank to build the bank up with their backhoe before putting rock in place.

Graves also informed the council that the water tower and ground storage tank had been cleaned and Graves hoped that might help with some of the discolored water issues the city has had. Graves said the company that did the work will be sending a report and video of their work. Graves said the water tower looked really good and that there was some corrosion in the ground storage tank that could have contributed to the discolored water.

Graves said the new lift station had worked very well during the last 2,3" rain. But Graves said there was back-up water at a manhole down by the laundromat. City engineer representative Megan Crook added that there had been an extensive drainage study done by the IMEG engineers from back in 2013 and she had brought it with her to help figure out the problem.

City Clerk Lucretia McPeak reminded the council of the upcoming consolidated election on April 6th.

Councilman Randy Shumaker informed the council that David's city truck needed approximately $1,200 of repairs on the brakes and brake lines.

In other action the council unanimously approved the following:

Council adjourned at 7:35 p.m. Present were Mayor Kat Hasten-Reed, council members Kelly Harkey, Deanna Stambaugh, Dave Clover, Brian Covert, Greg Wisslead and Randy Shumaker, Clerk Lucretia McPeak, treasurer Monalisa Graves, IMEG Representative Megan Crook, Tim Graves, Larry Finch, Dan Gillett, and Michael Rodeffer.