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Turkey Slows Traffic

Having roosted in the trees at night behind the Mark Muhleman home, since last fall, this turkey decided it was time to get acquainted with the folks in Stronghurst.

"Tootsie" as Mark Muhleman calls her, visited uptown Stronghurst on Tuesday morning, definitely slowing traffic when she would go out in front of the vehicles and peck at their grills. Being extremely tame, those who tried to get her to go on her way and out of the street, had little luck.

Last Sunday she was visiting in the Stronghurst United Methodist Church parking lot and has been seen at Oak Lane Nursing Home, as well as a lot of other places around town.

She is in no hurry to leave town as the Muhlemans and neighbors provide her with food.

Last year it was a bear in town, this year the town has a turkey.