The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Are two opinions better than one?

Ethel Farkwad

Good day folks,

I'm Ethel Farkwad, and I don't claim to have all the answers, but Polly and I have two sides of a story and we both think we are right! She just wants to drop it and enjoy our tea, but I know I am right and just think she should just agree that I am! We were talking about Easter eggs and how nice it was when kids got to hunt them full of candy and then Polly said she didn't think it would hurt to let the kids run around and fetch eggs.

I told her they could get the coronavirius off one of those eggs and if the greedy fixin's didn't set it aside for 14 days before they ate it, they just might give it to someone like me knowing how I like chocolate, and I could die!

Well Polly said, "That's plain nonsense. You think too much. Just enjoy your tea!" Hmmm, a drive-thru Easter Egg affair would be much better! They could ride their bikes or trikes by a pick-up place, someone with a mask and gloves could hand them candy in a zip-locked bag, and they could safely share some with's a perfect plan! Don't you agree?

-Miss Ethel Farkwad

Aunt Polly

Hello folks,

So sorry Miss Ethel Farkwad, Cornelius Farkwad's old maid sister, is bothering you again with her trivia. I'm afraid she again is just thinking of herself and of someway of getting some Easter candy. Ethel has enough money sewned in her curtains that she could buy Easter candy for the whole neighborhood if she would. Ethel came back to visit for the Easter weekend. She gets into a disagreement about everything, even about which came first, the chicken or the egg!!!

I was saying how nice it is children can run outside and look for eggs. It's the excitement of discovering the eggs in their hiding places more than the candy. It's also fun to hunt real hard boiled eggs that we color and decorate.

I think Moms and Dads should hide eggs. I'll just hide a few with some chocolates inside and let Ethel hunt for them. That would be funny. Oh, and I'm right, hunting eggs is better!

Can't wait ta see your family Easter Sunday bright and early at church to celebrate the risen Christ. Wear your Easter bonnet.

-Love, Aunt Polly