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La Harpe City Council Agrees to Buy 118 East Main Property

By: Mike Rodeffer, The Quill

The La Harpe City Council approved a motion to buy the property at 118 East Main at their March 8th meeting. The property is being acquired for $810, which is the amount of back taxes owed, from Hancock County.

The La Harpe Council has been pursuing the purchase of several of the dilapidated buildings on and around Main Street. Attorney Chris Scholz brought news to the council that 118 East Main could be purchased. Scholz informed the council the other properties are privately owned and could be purchased if the owners would consent. Several of the owners of the dilapidated properties have been sent warnings to clean up their properties or face fines.

Tim Graves informed the council that the iron level in the water from the new water plant is high and causing some discoloration of the water. Graves said they are adjusting chemicals and mixtures of the wells to try and cope with the problem. Graves also said the water tower and the ground storage tank need to be cleaned and then they can flush hydrants around town and that might help.

IMEG Representative Megan Crook, informed the council that Lavidiere's had finished their water job and only had some road patching and seeding left to do.

Crook also told the council she was well aware of the problems with the high service pumps at the water plant. Crook said pumps are still covered by warranty and expects either new pumps or at the very least a very extended warranty on the pumps. Trotters, the water plant contractor, told Crook another pump expert was to come soon and check out the situation.

Randy Shumaker, councilman, informed the council that the reservoir was now open. Shumaker also informed the council that the fence that was taken down so contractors could work around the water tower had not been replaced. Shumaker brought quotes to the council for a fence. Council voted to use wire woven fence and T-posts and have the city employees put it up. Cost for materials was estimated at $423.00.

The council also discussed the deer population in town. It was suggested to talk to the Park District Board and also seek advice from a Biologist as to how to improve the problem.

The council unanimously approved the following:

Present were:

Mayor Kat Hasten-Reed, Council members: Kelly Harkey, Deanna Stambaugh, Dave Clover, Greg Wisslead, Randy Shumaker, Treasurer Monalisa Graves, Clerk Lucretia McPeak, Attorney Chris Scholz, IMEG Representative Megan Crook, Police Chief: Larry Finch, Police officer: Marli Burt, City Employees: Tim Graves, Dan Carpenter, David Little, Trevor Finch, Guest Dan Gillett and Quill Reporter: Michael Rodeffer.

La Harpe Council was adjourned at 8:50 p.m.