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La Harpe Council Hires 3rd Part-time Police Officer

By Michael Rodeffer, The Quill

At the February 22nd regular board meeting the La Harpe City Council hired Kerrie Bishop as a part-time police officer at $16.00 per hour beginning March 1st. Bishop resides in Macomb and has all the training and certifications needed to start right away.

Council member Randy Shumaker informed the council that this last week there have been some complaints about the water discoloration in some homes.

Shumaker added there is also a corrosive issue in the water system. Shumaker said adjustments have been ongoing to fine-tune the water system to improve the quality of the water. Shumaker also stated that the two pumps in the new water plant are still causing problems and vibrating more than normal. Shumaker, along with Tim Graves, have been working with IMEG, the cities' engineer, to come up with a solution to the problem, the pumps are still under warranty and Shumaker hopes to have the problem solved either with new pumps or rebuilding the current pumps.

Councilman Brian Covert informed the council that the shipping date for the new police vehicle had been pushed back to March 18th, and possibly could be 60 days yet before it is received.

Councilman Dave Clover informed the council that serveral residents are concerned about the number of deer that are showing up in town. Clover said the deer are chewing on shrubbery and plants and causing a real nuisance around town. Clover wondered what solutions would be possible. It was suggested to talk to the game warden or see what other towns have done. It was pointed out a lot of the deer come from the cemetery area.

The council approved Resolution 2021-A which is asking Governor Pritzker to veto HB 3653 which is the controversial police reform bill which Pritzker signed today (February 22).

The council also formally approved ordinance 2021-1 which amends the water notes. New base note fo $38 will start May 1st.

The council approved a motion to reimburse the Fire Department for repair to the antenna on the water tower in the amount of $522.00. The antenna had been damaged during water tower repairs. The council will look to be reimbursed from the contractor for the same amount.

Council also approved the treasurer report and paying of the bills.

Council adjourned at 8:23 p.m. Present were the Mayor Kat Hasten-Reed, council members Kelly Harkey, Deanna Stambaugh, Dave Clover, Brian Covert, Greg Wisslead and Randy Shumaker. Also Clerk Lucretia McPeak, Treasurer Monalisa Graves, Police Chief Larry Finch, Attorney Chris Scholz, Kerrie Bishop, Dan Gillet, and Michael Rodeffer.