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Hancock County Board Recognizes Paramedics and EMT for Delivering Two Babies

Michah Stewart, J-P Correspondent

Three Hancock County paramedics were recognized during the Hancock County Board meeting held Tuesday, Feb. 16, for their efforts to deliver two babies. Paramedics and EMT's Randy Freed and Audrey Friday delivered one baby in the ambulance last spring.

Just a few weeks ago, Audrey Friday and Doug DiPrima delivered a baby at a home.

"So many times the individuals who serve as paramedics see only injuries, death and destruction," stated EMS Director Jenny Meeks.

"So we absolutely must celebrate the wins that we have. Tonight I want to celebrate paramedic crew members who delivered two babies. I can tell you that these paramedics do amazing things that are often nothing short of a miracle.

The three individuals were recognized by the board with a plaque and sincere thanks.

Hancock County Board Chairman Delbert Kreps read a letter from the United States Census Bureau recognizing the support of the board during the 2020 Census.

"We appreciate the efforts you made in making the Partnership Program a success and helping achieve a successful 2020 Census," stated the letter.

Highway, Road and Bridge Committee chair, Patsy Davis, updated the board on the meeting held Jan. 28. During the committee meeting, county engineer, Elgin Berry, reported that a county employee slightly strained his back while on the job. The incident was recorded on the appropriate OSHA forms, but no insurance claim was filed. The employee has fully recovered and has no work restrictions.

Building, Grounds and Insurance Committee chair, Dennis Castlebury, updated the board on the meeting held Feb. 8. At that meeting county sheriff, Scott Bentzinger, stated that 23 inmates, including three females, are currently housed at the jail waiting for transfer to the Department of Corrections.

All of the vehicles at the county sheriff office that had deer damage have been repaired. Costs are estimated to exceed $50,000.

Bentzinger noted that a recent inspection of the jail identified the usual finding of insufficient staff. There currently is one jailor that has completed the required education, with two more waiting to attend. There is also a new female deputy waiting for training.

Finance, Fees and Salaries Committee chair, Wayne Bollin, updated the board on the meeting held Feb. 11. During the committee meeting Peter Hammen, with Public Transportation, identified three new guidelines and regulations that will need to be passed. The three are, Reasonable Modification Policy, Cares Act Grant and Title VI Notice.

Kris Pilkington, county treasurer, handed out the budgetary status reports, noting that some budget items are overdrawn, but most of it has to do with the Cures Act and Cares Act. Pilkington stated that $7,000 has been paid back on the ambulance loan, which was $63,626 in total.

Dale Bolton, Supervisor of Assessments, informed the committee that the Board of Review is complete and he can start on 2021. The Board of Review decided not to change the Nauvoo Hotel assessment after appeal. Further review could take up to three years.

Miscellaneous and County Health Committee chair, Janet Fleming, updated the board on the meeting held Feb. 9. At that meeting, Amy Hall, administrator of the Hancock County Health Department, reported on progress with COVID shots. Health department staff are working seven days a week, because the serum must be used within a week after arrival.

In action items the board approved the following: