The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

BBQ Dinner Was Oh, So Good!

By: Dessa Rodeffer–Quill Owner/Publisher

"Who make the delicious BBQ chicken?" That was the question we were asked by a Media resident who had just enjoyed the Hendrson County Historical Society's BBQ dinner this past Monday, July 5th.

"I want to know who cooked it and when the next time they are having another one? Everyone should go. It was the best chicken I've ever eaten. It was delicious!"

The cooks, lead by Richard Brokaw and his sons Nicholas and Matthew were, Bill Allaman, Justin Allaman, Merlin Ray, Tim Boyd, Jon Graham, Wade Harman and Tom Pullen and the grilling began at 7 a.m., 2 miles from St. Patrick's Community Center, Raritan, in Richard Brokaw's machine shed.

"We cooked them and Tom Pullen would run the full roasters over to St. Pat's as we filled them up. "We served over 300 starting at 11:00 a.m. at St. Pat's Community Center. Half were carry-out orders," Bill Allaman said, President of the historical society.

"Our treasurer hasn't finished the report on how much money was taken in, but people were very generous," he said.

Allaman said they had grilled 414 lbs. of chicken which were cut in halves, and 122 lbs. of pork chops, and all were sold.

As far as when the next cookout will be, it is scheduled to be back on July 4th, 2022." Bill said. It was moved to the 5th this year due to the 4th falling on Sunday.

Richard Brokaw said, he sure missed his dad and Pat Brokaw and Art Kane who had always been big helpers, but he was glad to see some younger ones coming in to help with the annual event.

The men were appreciative of all the support they received from the community and from all the volunteers who helped.