The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1925 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross

Stronghurst Graphic: Jan. 8, 1925

BIGGSVILLE BRIEFS: Miss Mildred Brouse entertained a company of 22 friends at a watch meeting at her home east of town Wednesday evening. The evening passed away with music and games. Oysters, crackers, pickles and coffee were served. Miss Jean Mekemson left Saturday afternoon for Galesburg for a few days visit in the home of Russell Graham after which she will go on to Memphis, Tenn. to have the other hip operated on at a hospital there. The children of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Foster and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest More have been confined to their homes this past week with the chicken pox. Mrs. Daisy Babcook, Mrs. Maude Kelly and Miss Ella Lyons will be hostesses for the Community Club at the home of Mrs. Babcook. "Religion wins the Home" is the subject with Miss Edith Wilson as leader.

LOCAL AND AREA NEWS: The LaHarpe Quill says that Grover Ewing has sold his poultry and feed business in that city to his brother Merlin Burnside and that the latter will take personal charge of the LaHarpe store. Grover, it is stated, will move in his mother's farm near Roseville. Dr. F. M. Henderson spent the holidays with his mother at Centerville, Iowa. Mrs. Rachel Mink, who has been receiving treatment at the Burlington hospital for the past three months will be brought to the home of her son, J. D. Mink near here. John F. Duncan, a former Blandinsville citizen who moved to Idaho where he became wealthy and prominent in political and business affairs, met death by drowning on Dec. 6th near Newport, Ida., when the Ford truck he was driving ran off a ferry boat on which he was to cross the Pend Oreille River. Miss Pricilla Apt has been somewhat indisposed at her home here the past few days but is improving under the care of Mrs. Dr. Henderson. Mr. and Mrs. John Breen are expecting to move to a farm near Monmouth some time in the near future and again take up the occupation of farming. John is no novice at the business and here is hoping success may crown his efforts. The young ladies of the Standard Bearer Society of the M.E. Church entertained their young men friends at a watch party in a very pleasing manner at the Community Club rooms the evening of Dec. 31st. The evening was spent socially until the hour of 12 when the New Year was appropriately ushered in and a delicious luncheon was then served to 26 guests.

It is said that the Santa Fe's crack California trains No. 3 and 4 now carry a lady hair dresser and manicurist between Chicago and Los Angeles. Coleman Garrett, son of Mr. and Mrs. Guy C. Garrett of Media Township and Miss Lea Frye, daughter of Editor and Mrs. D. L. Frye of Lomax, Ill. were united in marriage at the home of the groom. The large barn on the farm of Fred Anderson of LaHarpe located in the Green Bay district near Wever, Ia was destroyed by fire last Friday night. In addition to the barn, which was insured for $7,000. eighteen head of fat steers, three horses, 1,000 bushels of corn, a touring car and numerous farm implements were included in the loss. Rev. Myers, who has been unable to fill his preaching appointments for the past two or three weeks on account of sickness in his home, expects to conduct the usual services at both the Stronghurst and Maple Grove M. E. Churches. All members of the Myers household who have been ill are now believed to be well or on the road to recovery. The thawing weather of the last few days has had the effect of slightly rotting the ice which formed on the roofs and in the gutters of buildings and on the sidewalks of the village during the sleet storms of December. Citizens have been getting rid of the accumulation. It is feared that the ice formation has proved injurious to the fall wheat in this vicinity. Al Links conducted a sale of stock and farming implements at his home south of Stronghurst and he and his family expect to move to Macomb.

At a meeting held at Biggsville in the interest of proposed hard road route No. 94 connecting Aledo, Ill. with LaHarpe,Ill. and passing through the center of Henderson County, a complete organization of all of the townships in the county through or near which the route passes was effected. This committee is working along the lines which promise to result in early favorable consideration of Route 94 by the State Department of Public Works.

CARMAN CONCERNS: The ice harvest has just begun in the village. Mrs. Abe Graham, northeast of the village still remains quite poorly. Mr. Clifford Harvey delivered some hogs to Stronghurst. Wm. Babcook is a very business man taking in shelled and ear corn (grain dealer). Sunday School had election of officers last Sunday: J. Fred Clover, superintendent; Dorothy Pendry, Assistant Superintendent; Fern Finch, Secretary; Lottie Dixon, Treasurer; Winnifred Finch, pianist; Frederick Rehling, librarian; and Rhoda Howell, assistant librarian. Mr. Wm. Finch and Mr. Alvin Burnett have been feeling quite poorly and Mr. James Johnson has been somewhat indisposed. The oyster supper was served at the I.O.O.F. Hall on their annual homecoming was enjoyed by about 65 members. Mrs. Eliza Parry had been on the sick list and Mrs. Ray Stimpson is a sufferer of rheumatism. Oscar Dillon and family have been having the LaGrippe this week. Bryan Stewart shipped a carload of hogs from here. Frederick Crane of California who is down with typhoid fever is much better.

MEDIA MEANDERINGS: The stock of the Farmers' Cooperative store is being invoiced this week. Members of the company from Stronghurst are assisting Mr. and Mrs. Wax with the work. Clifford Adair is helping clerk until the invoicing is completed. Mrs. J. P. Riggs who was sick last week is better; Mrs. F. I. Barnett and Mrs. David Gilliland who were quite sick a few days ago are able to be around and at their duties once more. Carl Leftwich left for Des Moines to join the Navy. Carl was a graduate of the high school last year and is a young man of sterling qualities and can be relied upon in all things. He is quick to learn and always stood at the head of his class. Albert Swanson has returned to his school work at Augustana. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gray and family who live in Raritan vicinity are moving to LaHarpe. Miss Malah and Huston of that family, being members of the high school, will be missed. Friday night at the gym the high school basketball team will meet Lomax high. The new suits which were recently ordered have arrived and are beauties. If the boys don't win now, well, it won't be because they are not proud of those new suits.