The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1924 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross

Stronghurst Graphic: Dec. 4, 1924

BROKEN NECK, BUT LIVES: John Anderson, an employee of the Anderson Brothers, who farm a large tract of land in the river bottom opposite Burlington, while driving a team to the corn field to pick corn last Saturday was thrown to the ground when the wagon went into a rut and fell in such a manner as to break his neck. The man was rushed immediately to Burlington Hospital where by chance Dr. Edwin Ryerson, a skilled surgeon from Chicago was present. The surgeon performed a delicate operation to relieve the spinal cord of pressure caused by the fractured vertebra. Anderson was paralyzed from the neck down but since the operation has begun to have some feeling in the lower part of his body and is reported as having a chance for life.

TAKES A PARTNER: J. L. Griggs, who has for the past 20 years been in charge of the mechanical department of the Blandinsville Star-Gazette, has purchased an interest in the business which will hereafter be conducted under the name of Trego and Griggs. "The growth of the business says this week's paper, "makes it burdensome for one person to look after, and the investment of $3,000 in new equipment makes a partner at this time very desirable.

LOCAL AND AREA NEWS: Rev. J. A. Mahaffey and family enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner at the house of Mrs. Maffey's parents in Kirkwood. Warren Taylor, famous quarter back of the Monmouth College football team spent the holiday with his friend, Joe Dixson, and family. O. P. Duncan, who has been second trick man at the Santa Fe station here for some time, left for Decorra where he will be station manager. Miss Anna Ahlers is attending Western Illinois Teachers' College.

The farm home of Orville Jones two and one-half miles northeast of Seaton, was destroyed by fire at 1 o'clock Saturday morning. The fire started in the basement of the house. The members of the family were awakened by the smoke, but the time they were aroused, the fire was beyond control. Nothing was saved, all of the household goods being destroyed. The loss is estimated at $8,000 ($114,880 in today's values). The Apt family are enjoying a radio set installed on trial in their home by Edw. Logan (all the neighbors would plan a visit, no doubt). Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Mekemson of Biggsville were Tuesday guests at the C. M. Bell home.

The free motion picture entertainment given by the Henderson Farm Bureau at the Stronghurst M. E. Church last Friday evening was both interesting and educational; it should have been better patronized than it was. In addition to the main feature, the presentation of the film, "The Brown Mouse," there was some spirited singing of popular songs and a brief explanation by Farm Advisor Walker of the plans and purposes of the Farm Bureau organization for the coming year. Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Grandey took their son Gordon to Galesburg for an adenoid operation. Dr. and Mrs. I. F. Harter left for Chicago to attend the International Livestock Show. Mr. and Mrs. Luther VanArsdale of Blandinsville drover over to attend the cattle sale at the local stockyards while his wife visited relatives. Mike Cadel was taken seriously ill Monday evening while at the home of his sister-in-law, Mrs. Rosa Peterson. A physician was called who diagnosed the case as appendicitis and it seemed for a while nothing short of an operation could alleviate the trouble, but the patient is now better and will not have to undergo an operation for the present. (Have a severe stomach ache at this time period and your appendix would be removed).

It was said that the roundup of suspicious characters in a disreputable house in Peoria a few days ago secured evidence showing that the five fellows arrested had been implicated in recent bank robberies at Sciota, Vermont and Secor, Ill. Cashier Hainline is said to have positively identified one of the men as the fellow who held a gun on him when the Sciota bank was robbed a few weeks ago. Gale Stine and wife of Clarinda, Iowa, spent the week with relatives at Kirkwood and Stronghurst. Little Rosa Kamber has been growing worse lately of her crippled condition and is now unable to walk. P. A. Stamp installed Sunbeam Cabinet Heaters during the past week in the D. Prescott and Roy Mudd homes in the village. New 20th Century Heating plants have been installed in the residence of W. H. Bainter and Chas. Fort, Jr. Grover Rehling and force of men are working this week in Biggsville and Kirkwood in connection with the telephone service. H. M. Allison has so far recovered from the recent accident in which he was injured by being struck by an automobile while crossing the street in Burlington, that he was able to attend church services last Sunday. Oscar Beckett was called to Colorado Springs, Colo. by the serious illness of his brother, George Beckett who recently went there with his family from their home in Carrollton, Mo. thinking the change of climate would be beneficial to his impaired health. Grandpa Chase celebrated his 89th birthday at the home of his son, R. B. Chase, in Galesburg. The venerable gentleman enjoys rugged health and is a walking advertisement of the value of tobacco in adding vigor and strength to old age, he having used the weed in an unstinted manner ever since he was seven years of age. Miss Maxine Koll and Mr. David Rohm of Davenport, Iowa, were quietly married in Monmouth on Nov. 23rd. Mrs. Rohm is the only child of Mrs. Will Koll formerly of Dallas City. After the death of Mr. Will Koll about six years ago, the family moved to Davenport where Mrs. Koll went into business. Frank Johnson shipped a car load of hogs on Monday and on Wednesday three car loads of hogs and a mixed load of hogs and cattle for the Shipping Association. He was accompanied by Otto Steffey on Wednesday.

RARITAN REPORTS: Dan Leinbach had the misfortune to break his arm while cranking his car. Miss Gwendolyn Hixson was operated upon for appendicitis at the Burlington Hospital. The Bible class will meet at the home of John Butler. Mrs. Charles Rice has been seriously ill the past few days with heart trouble. The barn on the Alvia Smith place near Kirkwood was destroyed by fire Friday evening. The origin of the blaze is unknown,