The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1924 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross

Stronghurst Graphic: Dec 25, 1924

HARD ROAD PROPOSAL: At the last luncheon of the "Better Stronghurst League" a committee of ten for good roads was appointed to look after Stronghurst interest in the new hard road system proposed to built under the $100,000,000 bond issue. The committee has been working along lines looking toward the securing of early consideration on the part of the state highway department of what is designated as route No. 94:

LOCAL AND AREA NEWS: Earl Taylor and family arrived here during the past week from Hopkins, Mo. and will make their home here. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ross of Media country took train No. 22 to Chicago on their way to Florida for the winter. Wm. T. Weir, Henderson County's bonanza fruit grower, took Santa Fe train No.29 at Stronghurst for the "Golden West." He expects to spend the winter in Washington, Oregon and California. The schools of the village closed last Friday for a two weeks holiday. Friday was given over in the different departments of the grade and high school to special exercises and the exchange of gifts amongst pupils and teachers. The roads are said to be in splendid shape for either auto, sleigh or wagon. Nate Groome left on train No. 5 for Halstead, Kansas to spend the holidays with friends. Mrs. Maud Dodds just received word from her son Dale in Kansas that he had broken his leg but is able to be up and around again.

Carthage, Ill. was visited by a disastrous fire last Thursday morning, the building occupied by Reed's restaurant, a meat market and the Masonic Hall being destroyed entailing a loss of about $15,000. Ice harvesting began at Lake Fort last Monday and the big ice house is being filled with cakes running from 6 to 8 inches in thickness. The ice is not so clear as it might be on account of the storms of sleet and snow which occurred while it was in the process of formation. Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Murphy came up from Mendon to rent their house to an employee of the Illinois Power and Light Co. who is helping on the "high line" work.

Alfred McMillan, aged 72, a former circus performer and an inmate of the Warren County Poor Farm, committed suicide last Monday evening by jumping from a third story window of the institution. His neck was broken in the fall causing instant death. Despondency is given as the cause of his rash act. A small sized train load of livestock was consigned to the Chicago market by Hartquist & Sons, J. C. Brook, Harold Simonson, and E. G. Lewis. The high price of corn is causing the feeders to hurry their livestock to market as soon as their condition warrants. The cattle shipped Monday were mostly all nicely finished and should sell around the top.

MEDIA MEANDERINGS: Mrs. Florence Mathers was on the sick list. Mrs. Eldon White attended the funeral of her cousin, Mrs. Elizabeth Woods at Reed Church. Arthur Moon and his grandmother, Mrs. Adams, left on the Santa Fe for Upland, California to spend the remainder of the winter in hopes that the change in climate might be beneficial to Mrs. Adams who has not been well for some time. The high school students chaperoned by Misses Dixson and Frank had a gay old time at a coasting party on "Gibb Hill, north of town. Clyde Stanberry was called to Peoria to act on the Federal Grand Jury. Our postmaster is about the busiest person in town these days. He sent out 14 large sacks of mail Saturday and received 14. Monday there were 22 sacks from trains No. 24 & 15. The R.F.D. man's auto made one think it certainly must belong to Santa Claus. Xmas mail is heavier this year than for some time which show that people all over the great U.S. must be meeting with more prosperous times than for several years.

DOUBLE WEDDING IN KIRKWOOD: The Misses Esther Marie Isaacson and Mabel Marie Isaacson, daughters of Mr. and Mrs.  Charles Isaacson of the Kirkwood neighborhood became brides at the same hour Tuesday morning of this week when a double wedding ceremony was performed at the Lutheran Church parsonage in Monmouth by the pastor, Rev. Lorimer.  Miss Esther was claimed as bride by Knute E. Ratzen of Kirkwood while Miss Mabel united her life' destinies with those of Roy I. Nelson of Gerlaw.