The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1924 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross

Stronghurst Graphic, Dec.18, 1924

OBITUARY-MADISON HULET: Madison Jackson Hulet, son of Joseph and Elizabeth Hulet, was born March 5, 1854 near Gladstone, Ill. and passed away at his home one mile west of Hopper on Dec.11, 1924, aged 69 ears, 8 months and 26 days. He was united in marriage to Miss Elizabeth King of Hopper, Ill. On June 11, 1879. To this union ten children were born, three of whom preceded the father in death, namely Romanna, Clotilda, Sept. 30, 1882; Joseph Bernard, April 30, 1905; William Dealvrado, June 25, 1924. The children left to mourn are Mary Jane Wessell of Weaver, Iowa; Rose Evelyn Pendry of Carman, Ill.; Ruth Glenn Mapes of Chadwick, Mo.; Constance Hope Cogswell of Ft. Madison, Ia.; Ora Seines of Carman, Ill; Garrett Guy Hulet of Stronghurst, Ill.; Paul Hall Hulet of Media, Ill.; also 21 grandchildren and many friends and neighbors. Funeral services were held in the Olena church.

The facts of Mr. Hulet's death are that the deceased was found dead in his farm home, Dec. 10 or 11 by Mr. Thomas Dixon and a gentleman who was taking the census in his locality. This gentleman had been in the home twice and failing to arouse Mr. Hulet, he reported the fact to Mr. Dixon and the two went to the home and found the death angel had preceded them. As it was brought out, he had died about 24 hours previously of apoplexy. His relatives were summoned and his body taken to one of the undertaking establishments in Burlington and prepared for burial in the Olena cemetery. The casket bearers were Messrs. Thomas Dixon, John Peterson, Jesse Hicks, Ed Carlson, Clas Carlson and John Lant.

OLENA OBSERVATIONS: The first snow of the season arrived. Mr. Floyd Burrell and family have moved into the Deitrick property which we hear he has purchased. Miss Thelma Peterson, teacher in the Heisler School (home of Mr.and Mrs. Quentin Peterson today), and her pupils are preparing a nice evening entertainment there on Dec. 18th. Miss Esther Johnson and her pupils of the Hopper School gave a program and box supper in the village school room on Dec. 15th. Mr.and Mrs. Wm. Hicks attended a birthday dinner given in honor of her mother, Mrs. Green Fryrear of Oquawka at the home of her son and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Fryrear near Oquawka.

MEDIA MEANDERINGS: The pupils of the high school under the direction of Miss Mary Dixson will present a Xmas pageant, "The Nativity," at the Academy Tuesday evening. (1924 is the first time I have noticed the use of "Xmas" to signify Christmas-maybe this was a new fad finally moving West from New York City.) Joe Campbell, who has been working all summer at Steubenville, Ohio, came home to spend the holidays with his wife and children. (Long list of those who went to Burlington to Christmas shop in this issue.) Chas. Pogue and C. R. Pendarvis attended a meeting at London Mills in the interest of the hard road that is to be built from Peoria through Media to join the state road north that has just been completed from Galesburg to Burlington. Arline Heap has been a patient at the Burlington Hospital taking treatments for her ear which has been troubling her for some time. Clifford Adair, a student at Macomb Teachers' College, is home for the holiday season. Harry Norville is able to walk downtown by the aid of crutches. His doctors say it will be 6 weeks before he no longer need them.

The community social given by the Men's Bible Class at the U.P. Church was attended by a large crowd. A most excellent program was given after which the entire audience were taken to the basement, 10 at a time, and initiated into the grand order of "Syclops." This afforded much amusement after all had become member of this grand order; games were played and stunts performed among them being a pie eating contest won by Gram Pogue with E. G. Lewis as a close second. At a late hour, refreshments of popcorn, popcorn balls and apples were served. The plan is to have one such social a month. Enough money has been raised by the people of the community the past few days to purchase new suits and sweaters for the high school basketball team. Media Community Club donated the dollars. The suits were ordered and the boys are hoping they get here in time to help them beat Biggsville there on Friday night. A company of 50 expect to accompany the team to root for them at the game if the weather man will permit. A representation from the University at Urbana visited the high school Wednesday morning.

In what local fans term the most furiously contested game ever played here, Media High School basketball team was defeated ("?"-this was their comment) by a score of 18-17 by Terre Haute High School Friday night when the latter made a basket just as the final whistle blew. In fact, there was some question as to whether or not the basket should count, but the referee, after a consultation with the timers ruled that the ball was in the air when the whistle blew, thus making the basket legal. At the end of the first quarter, the score was 6-12 in favor of Media. At the end of the first half it was 14-14 and the end of the third quarter 16-16. In the final period Media made a free throw which gave the local team one-point advantage. This was the only point which had been made in the fourth quarter and the crowd went wild, only to be plunged into gloom when the visitors won the game in the last second. Though the game was desperately fought, both teams played a clean style of basketball. The entire Media team played much better than at any previous time during the season. Members of the team are LaVerne Gilliland, Gerald Gilliland, Roy Baskett, William Pogue, Joe Moon and Clifford Ross.