The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Wow! They packed the town to see the parade!

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

Everyone loves a parade. It was sad to see the coronavirus cancel so many things this year. That is why so many were excited when they heard Stronghurst was having a lighted Christmas parade Dec. 4th. People were sad when the Christmas Walk was canceled as it was such a fun and popular event.

But the Stronghurst Booster Club decided to have a lighted parade where people can safely sit in their cars, or social distance on the streets and/or wear masks.

The coronavirus has hit the biggest days in Illinois since the pandemic began, according to Capitol News who reports on COVID-19 status and political events at the Capitol in Illinois.

The pararde gave everyone a chance to celebrate the most important holiday for Christians as December begins the Advent season for preparation for the birth of Christ, the Saviour. Celebrations with festivals, pageants, musicals, and gathering of friends and family are all important.

Quill Editor Shirley Linder and I usually find it difficult to participate as it interfers with covering the event, but the Booster Club came to the rescue and snapped pictures for the Quill so we could be in the parade. Shirley and I decorated a white Christmas Tree in blue and white lights and blue ribbons and straped it down in my Polaris Ranger using a ratchet, and we were excited to participate.

We forgot to put a sign on the side of our vehicle to let others know who we were, but we are learning.

I was surprised at the number of floats at the fairgrounds when we arrived and even more surprised when we saw the streets lined with cars all the way from the fairgrounds along the Highway, along Main Street from one end to the other and people all along Broadway Street either in their cars or standing.

It took us about 1/2 hour from beginning to end but Shirley had the Queen's wave down to almost perfect by the time we finished.

Many have said how they enjoyed the parade and they were surprised how many were there to participate and who came to see it, and others were very very sorry they had missed it.

I hope people do not cancel events without planning other ways to celebrate. We need them.