The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Remember, Turkey Time Is Thanksgiving Time

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

As preparations are being made for gathering around the Thanksgiving table, I and the Quill staff will be giving our thanks at our family tables for the blessing of each of you-our subscribers, advertisers, readers, and supporters.

Without all the wonderful people who contribute their news to our paper, it wouldn't be the hometown connection we all need.

Although we like to keep up-to-date on state and national events, it is our local celebrations and news of births, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, trips, festivals, hobbies, and awards that make each of us want to read the newspaper.... like a letter from home.

Since 1926 when my father Paul G. Bell and grandfather Charles M. Bell (wife Hettie) purchased their first newspaper together, "The Stronghurst Graphic", the Bell family has been producing weekly newspapers. Next year in 2021, the publication will be in its 95th year.

That is almost as long as the Raritan State Bank who is celebrating its 100th year.

As I reflect on last week's Veterans Day edition and the heroes who fought for our hertiage of a free country, I am so grateful for what they did and our patriots continue to do to preserve our liberty and our precious rights given to us through the United States Constitution.

My thanksgiving prayer will certainly continue for our country and for the men and women who stand up for her.

This week we received word of the passing of Betty Brook, 101, of Stronghurst (retired in Florida), who had served many years as a Secretary to U.S. ambassadors serving in the Middle East. She is one of our many patriots,

The story of Ray Shafer who served during WWII and stories of those in the Korean Conflict Vietnam, makes me even more aware of how fresh and recent our history of freedom is, and more aware during this coronavirus pandemic, of how quickly our freedoms can be taken away from us.

You and I have seen a lot of changes together. The United States of America suffered a harsh and long Civil War among brothers and sisters, to keep the U.S. together and our independence in tack. That war showed there are strength in numbers as the Union soldiers outnumbered the Southerns and the United States of America remained in tack. It wasn't divided.

As we look back through our family history books, you may find that your family fought in the Revolutionary War or Civil War or your ancestors may have been some of the forefathers who penned the U.S. Constitution in 1776 which will be 245 years old this coming July.

Your family like many through America's history, most likely sacrificed much during to protect their freedom.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving with gratitute for what others have done for us, it is also appropriate to enjoy the fruits of our labor and feast and also share of your abundant harvest.

I hope you have a long list of family and friends who you give thanks for and also who you invite to your table.

Thank God for those wonderful parents, grandparents, friends, siblings, neighbors etc., who have looked out after you in your youth and who encourage you as an adult, or in your failing age.

It is good to celebrate God's bounty. The key is to look for the good that surrounds you, not the bad, and you will see just how blessed you are, even in a midst of a pandemic and crazy election.

I am wondering: maybe we can start this Thanksgiving by handing out each guest or person a sheet of paper, and have them write down as many things as they can that they are thankful for.

When everyone gathers for the meal, ask each to tell three things off their list they are thankful for as you go around the room before saying your prayer.

Another way, is to list each guest on a slip of paper and then pass the lists around to all the guests and have everyone write a positive remark about the person written on the top of the paper. Then give the list to each person before they begin to eat and before the prayer. It's a good way to keep things positive in this 2020 season.