The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

I Hope You Are Praying For Our Election and America

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

October 28, 2020

Pray for America and that we do not lose sight of what it took to gain our free country that we enjoy and have the privilege of living in every day. Then, please vote this Tuesday, November 3rd, as it is another very important Presidential Election in the United States.

Many take for granted our freedoms, but our forefathers, didn't: the brave heroes who fought in the Revolutionary War to gain our independence, and who continued to fight for our freedoms.

Many have served politically and planned for America to have a balance of powers and writing a road-map (our Constitution and Bill of Rights) to insure that we have justice and freedom by giving each of us a voice. With our "vote" we can choose leaders that we feel will protect us from being overthrown, or heavily taxed, insure our rights to bear arms, and worship, etc..

When I was young, I felt a hundred years ago was a long long time, but now that I am older, I realize that our nation has been continually fighting for our freedom all its life.

We must continue to fight. Our vote at the poll does matter, and it tells our ancestors who sacrificed and fought in battles for our freedoms and privileges, that we appreciate what they did and we will do our part to insure our American flag always flus and stands for freedom.

At the polls between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m., you have a choice to either vote for President Donald Trump or vote for former Vice President Joe Biden.

You have a choice to vote to change our state's Constitutional Amendment and increase Illinois taxes, or to vote "No" and keep it as it was written. You have a choice to retain Supreme Court Justice Kilbride or vote "No" to end it. You have choices.

Honoring Veterans Nov. 11

Send us pictures of veterans with their information (name/rank/service/hometown/high school class/spouse/wars/honors etc. (living or deceased) and those who are presently in the service by Nov. 4th to be published in our Nov. 11th Quills.

But, let's also honor our veterans and military by going to the polls and voting wisely for candidates that will insure that America will remain free and strong for the next generation.