The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Why All The Down-And-Out Look? Put On A Happy Face!

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

June 24, 1925

COVID-19 can get us into the dumps over every little thing that happens. It seems to make small problems into unsurmountable problems, or so we think.

It causes grumpiness and depression, and a mixture of things as we are more shut in from our day-to-day activities. Of course, all the good people in our lives seem to rub us the wrong way, even when they ask, "Can I help?".

You can even get the feeling that every one ELSE is so C-R-A-Z-Y..... not me. Maybe you're even thinking that: God is not being good to me ..... I don't like what he is putting me through :or what he has taken from me, in case of lost loved ones.

Let me share a little devotional with you:

In Philippians 4:4 Apostle Paul wrote:



According to the devotional "MEETING WITH GOD, A Year of Daily Readings and Reflections", written by Pastor Bruce Goettsche of La Harpe Union Church, he explains, "that verse is not a refrigerator slogan, but a command".

Every day we have a choice, to dwell on the burdens of life, or celebrate the grace that sustains us..... the problems or the blessings.

The chief blessing we have as believers is that God is ALWAYS with us and promises a place for us in eternity upon our retirement here on earth.

We do not have to be grumpy and discouraged, Goettsche writes. But choose to focus on the gifts and blessings all around you.

Turn your head up past your problems and losses to God's amazing love and grace, and His gift of new life.

You WILL see your loved one again.

But for now, he has work for us to do.

We must roll up our sleeves, take God's hand, say hello to all our family and friends, and even when life is full of problems, we are blessed! Think rainbows.

You CAN CHOOSE to R-E-J-O-I-C-E ! ! ! ! !

Thank you Bruce for your messages of Hope through Jesus.

God bless each of you. Let your neighbors and family members in ..... its time we all get back together.


An Interesting note:

You will find the verse Philippians 4:4 REJOICE IN THE LORD ALWAYS; AGAIN I WILL SAY REJOICE!" in the book of Philippians from the Christian Holy Bible. It is in the New Testament and was written by the Apostle Paul around the year 61, many years after Jesus had ascended into heaven after he died in 30.

Paul had been put under arrest in his own rented home for 2 years, which I find rather ironic for these times.

He was confined, yet he wrote to thank the Philippians for a gift they had sent him upon learning of his detention in Rome, and to encourage them to stand firm in the face of persecution, and rejoice in all circumstances.