The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Will Things Ever Be Back to The Way We Were?

DESSA RODEFFER, Quill Publisher/Owner

April 29, 2020

For most of us in the Midwest, the life many of us had been experiencing, came to a halt the first of March. For me, I remember the day it changed completely.

On February 12, the U.S. had 13 confirmed cases of Coronavirus ranking 10th and March 12 the U.S. moved to 9th (the day before by birthday) with 987 confirmed cases.

I had left my hairdresser's when my son called and invited me to Indiana to visit.

The virus was mostly in big cities in California and New York, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Chicago etc. We were conscious to wash hands often, social distance, don't gather in crowds of more than 50, stay home if sick.

I was so ready to see Matt, Katie and the grandchildren for my birthday so I drove home, packed a light bag and headed for Fort Wayne area via Chicago route 80. By the time I had arrived at Geneseo, Matt called to say the Indiana governor just announced that no state workers were to cross the state lines due to the virus and did I still want to come. Katie who works as a pharmacist at the hospital was concerned.

I said I would check out the situation with the State Police and found state vehicles were not to cross state lines, but the state border was open. I continued driving.

By the time I arrived at the outskirts of Joliet, 3 hours from Matt's, he called again to say he was sorry but Katie said she must follow protocol which means I couldn't come. I smiled and said I had been wanting to eat in Chicago so I stopped for a sandwich in Joliet and headed home. So glad I did.

In a week (March 12) the virus went from 987 to 7,000 moving the U.S. to 3rd and by March 27th moved into 1st with 86,000 cases! It's a month later April 28th with 988,469 U.S. cases, surpassing all countries with Spain in 2nd (229,422) and China 10th (83,938). Caution and patience is what it will take.