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La Harpe City Council Meets

By: Michael Rodeffer, The Quill

The La Harpe City Council met at 7:00 p.m. on September 14th for their regular meeting.

The council heard discussions on property insurance coverage and group health insurance options from a Ramsey Financial Service Representative. Property coverage for 4.2 million would cost $39,270 for an annual premium. Group heath insurance was also addressed with many options available.

Aflac Insurance representative Mike Moore explained different options available ranging from disability insurance to cancer, heart, accident, or dental insurance. Moore said you could pick or choose any option you wanted.

Council elected to put it back on the next meeting agenda so they could consider all options.

Clover reported the park board paid their $851.40 water bill which the city council had waived at the last meeting.

The council decided to have anybody wanting gravel delivered by the loader tractor needed to pay ahead or pay at the time of delivery since there are a few gravel bills which haven't been paid on time.

Local Attorney Kurt Dittmer informed the council that Gary Housewright had sold his building that sits on Johnson trust ground and the lease will be transferred to the new owner.

The council approved leaving the $50,000 CD at the local bank (Fortress Bank) for the next 12 months.

The council discussed the possibility of taking ownership of the dilapidated buildings in town. Attorney Scholz told the council the buildings at 116 and 118 Main Street were owned by the county and could easily be transferred to the city, if the city wanted ownership.

The council expressed interest in the buildings if they could get a grant to help with the demolition. The two buildings on South Center Street (across from the park) are still owned by 2 different owners. Council would like to see these buildings cleaned up. Council approved Attorney Scholz to start preliminary procedure of informing the owners of the hazards.

Council also approved:

The council also discussed hiring a part time police officer.

Randy Shumaker informed the council that the water line at Park Lane is only 2" and to do it right they need to make it 4" and then hook it on at Scott Avenue. Cost for all repairs would run $85,000.00.

Council members present were: Randy Shumaker, Greg Wisslead, Dave Clover, Kelly Harkey, and Jerry Burford.

Also present were Mayor Kat Hasten-Reed, City Clerk Lucretia McPeak, Treasurer Monalisa Graves and City Attorney Chris Scholz.