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Rev. Goettsche Authors New Book

Filled With Stories-His Memoirs

LA HARPE, IL- Rev. Bruce Goettsche of the Union Church of La Harpe has just released his 17th book. Bruce says it is the most "personal" book he has written.

The book is titled "Ready for Anything" and has a caricature of Bruce on the cover.

When thinking about what kind of a cover you put on a memoir type book, Bruce's wife, Debbie, suggested the caricature.

"For years people have told me I should write down some of the great stories of life in ministry and put them in a book. Honestly, I did not think anyone would be interested. I was wrong" says the author.

The book is made up of some biographical material but it consists mostly of stories of weddings, funerals, baptisms, concerts, and strange Sunday morning happenings. Bruce also adds some of the pivotal moments that led Him to where he is today.

The most intense part of the book is the pastoral view of the tragic deaths of Dannen Latherow, Maddie Finch, Kyle Wilson, Ted Irish, and Todd Porter. The book affords a rare glimpse behind the scenes of what it means to Pastor a church.

People have said, "I turned each page and didn't know if I would laugh, cry, or stop and reflect." But still Bruce says it is an easy read .

Names were omitted in most of the stories. The goal of the book is to rejoice at the richness God allows us to enjoy, rather than to be voyeurs in the life of others.

The book is available on Amazon, at the Union Church of La Harpe, and at R & M Grocery store. The book is also available in Kindle format and Bruce is hoping to soon release it as an Audible book.)

This is a delightful (and inexpensive-$10) book and it is a fun read about real life. If you are limited with what you CAN do because of the COVID-19 pandemic, why not keep your mind sharp and your sense of humor intact by reading a good book like Bruce's "READY FOR ANYTHING."

You can see all of the books Bruce has written and co-written at