The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.


Hello folks,

Just heard there were several farm fires around. I think one or two was a farmer's combine and then another fire was a whole field east of Roseville, I heard.

Ethel Farkwad called to say Uncle Judd told her he could see smoke all the way over in Monmouth and he heard tell it jumped the road at 116 and went into another field across the way. Thank goodness good firemen are always there to help. What would we do without so many volunteers and good neighbors.

Uncle Judd also heard that Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Painter who owns Painter Farm Equipment in Monmouth has sold their Countryside Motel in Roseville, that Carol operated, to Brad and Danielle Beard and Mrs. Beard's sister Darlene. The sisters will run it, he said.

That will give folks another nearby place to stay along with that nice Hotel Lynn in Biggsville, I said. Ethel has stayed at Hotel Lynn and says its like a home away from home.

Last week Ethel agreed to come ta church with me. Well she ended up in the Rozetta Baptist Church instead, sitting next to her lonely old neighbor Vera Jinks. Ethel said the preacher Dan Ashton talked on marriage and it sure didn't do Mrs. Jinks any good as her Clyde had ran off a long time ago with the cleaning lady.

Ethel said, "Mrs. Jinks paid her extra to clean the whole house. Well I guess she did!! Poor Mrs. Jinks. One good thing about Clyde," Ethel amused, "he sure did like a clean house!"

Hope to see you and your hubby in church Sunday. Be sure to bring your Bible:and your cleaning lady! Talk later.

-Love, Aunt Polly