The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Aunt Polly

Hello folks,

You will never guess who stopped by:Miss Ethel Farkwad, Cornelius Farkwad's sister. She had so much to talk about, as usual. She had traveled here on the Amtrak train and was all fancied up, and said a lot of people were wearing masks but not her! Well the conductor slapped one on her, told her to sit down and be quiet or he'd throw her off. Boy was she mad! "How's I suppose to eat this with a hanky tied over my mouth?" she garbled.

She had a sack with snacks for the train ride to save money - a potted meat sandwich, container of cottage cheese with pineapple chunks, carrot sticks, crackers, cheese, and an apple.

Ethel said he tied his hanky over her mouth in a knot and she couldn't get it off! She was so hyper, I quickly untied it so she could breath. She walked right over and pointed to the teapot, and put her food on the table. Ethel comes ta visit occassionally, and picks right up where she left off. This time she came ta help with the decision makin' of a dear friend who lost her mother she had read about in "The Quill."

She was worried when she read Donna Wood had retired from her accounting business in La Harpe and wondered how anyone could keep up with all the work she had done. "She's probably ready to be home after this crazy corona. I hear folks say young Ty Huston is pick'en up where she left off and he will work hard. I read he's in the National U.S. Army Guard, don't you know. He serves our country like his two brothers. Those Hustons raised some nice boys like their dad Rex. You know their big sister is the Assistant States Attorney-Bobi James. I think they had 7 kids. Can any of those whipper snappers pull out a tune like their Dad does at the Christian Church? I'd like ta know. It's sure reassuring to see good people workin' in the area they grew up in." Ethel went on not giving me time to answer. "It's sure quite a tribute to La Harpe and their parents. And that young handsome son of Don Stevens, I do remember. It's hard to think that little Cub fan is grown and retired as Township Road Commissioner. His country roads were always in tip-top shape they say."

Ethel pulled out a hanky as the dust from the harvestin' was driftin' into the window, getting to her allergies. She laughed, "still, a mighty satisfying time of year-harvest!" In a better mood after tea, Ethel agreed to come ta church Sunday. Hope ta see you there too. Talk later.

-Love, Aunt Polly