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Ethel's New Year's Resolutions 2021

Good day folks,

I'm Ethel, and Polly told me I should sit down and make some New Year's Resolutions to better my life for next year. Well, the nerve of that woman!

So, I was thinking about that and thought I might share a few I made up for other people who if they changed their ways would make my life a whole lot better.

Resolution #1: Mind your own business!

Resolution #2: If you are having a get-together, invite me! I hate being left out.

Resolution #3: I don't want fruit cake for a gift! I'd rather just have fruit!

Resolution #4: If you see snow on my walks, come over and scoop them!

Resolutions #5: If you have a dog, keep him at home! I like cats!

Resolutions #6: When I'm talkin', don't butt in!

Resolutions #7: If you invite me over, for goodness sake, serve dessert!

Resolutions #8: Don't fix oatmeal for breakfast! It makes me grumpy, but something sweet like cinnamon rolls.

Resolutions #9: If work is to be done, help! Don't just sit there!

Resolutions #10: Don't try to change me!

-Miss Ethel Farkwad