The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Aunt Polly

Hello folks,

It has been a busy time around Christmas with all the letter writing, card sending, and extra special baking going on to take to the neighbors.

I was so overwhelmed when I saw a group of teenagers and adults Christmas caroling at a friends house. They had brought them a box of fresh oranges and banana bread, and sugar cookies, and the family was overjoyed.

Some held their own candlelight service at their home and it made it an extra special event.

Uncle Ed and Aunt Zielda and their friends Clyde and Flo gathered Christmas Eve and asked me to join them so I did thinking it would be safer than going to a large church event like I had planned. Flo brought along their young grandson Danny. Danny was so excited he could hardly stand still.

Uncle Ed read the Christmas story seated in his big green, black and brown plaid chair and Flo set a big Christmas candle on the buffet inside a nice wreath she had made of pine tree limbs.

After Uncle Ed finished the Christmas story, everyone stood in front of the wreath holding a small red candle Aunt Zielda had given them and then Flo lit the large Christmas candle while Aunt Zielda turned off all the lights, except for the little light over the baby Jesus laying in the manger. It was part of the nativity that Aunt Zielda always displays at Christmas on her buffet.

Flo helped Little Danny tip his candle into the flame of the big white Christmas candle that Flo had lit. She told him to hold it straight in front of him and he would be okay. Danny smiled and he could feel the warmth of the candle as he stood there, and then he began softly singing all by himself, "Away In The Manger."

I could see a tear rolling down his granddad's face. Well, it was hard for all of us not to shed some tears as he overwhelmed us with his genuine heart and his sweet voice.

Uncle Ed put his hand on Danny's shoulder and said "Well done young man!" and then he said, "Let's all light our candles," and we each followed his lead.

The six of us stood there as our candles flickered and Uncle Ed and Aunt Zielda, Clyde, Flo, and Danny all joined in singing: "Silent Night, Holy Night, All Is Calm, All Is Bright:"

We sang a few other Christmas carols to celebrate the arrival of the Little Lord Jesus and then Uncle Ed flicked on the huge Christmas tree lights and started singing "Joy to The World!" in his booming voice.

I think it was the most precious time I can remember. I will never forget Danny's crysal clear voice of 2020! You see, little Danny was born blind. But somehow it was if he could see it all!

We enjoyed some homemade ice cream Flo had made on top of Aunt Zielda's hot apple crisp before we went home.

My hope and prayer for you in 2021 is that the warm light of Christ fills your hearts, so that through each one of us, his love can heal our nation!

Happy New Year.

-Love, Aunt Polly