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La Harpe City Council Approved for a $50,916 Grant thru Coronavirus Relief fund

by Michael Rodeffer, The Quill

At the December 14th meeting, Monalisa Graves informed the La Harpe City Council that the city has been approved for a $50,916 grant from the Local "Cure" Program.

The Local Cure Program is funded from financial assistance the State of Illinois received through the US Department of the Treasury's Coronavirus Relief Fund.


Mayor Kat Hasten-Reed informed the council that she had received a letter of resignation from Alderman Jerry Burford. Burford's term still has 2 years left to serve. Mayor Kat Hasten-Reed told the council that Deanna Stambaugh was willing to accept the position and that she (Mayor) would nominate her at the next meeting. (January 11th)

Dave Clover informed the council that permits for the "C" street project and the Park Lane project had been approved. Clover also said the dump truck was repaired and back from Midwest Express and that David Little's truck needed new front tires. David Little added that Clover's Tire Shop had a couple good tires that would work and would cost a total of $181 put on.

Tim Graves informed the council that one of the high service pumps was not working at the new water plant. Graves said representatives from Trotters and Pioneer Pumps met with him last week and are trying to remedy the situation. The Pioneer Representative thought replacing a couple valves and new bearings and seals could fix it. Graves said the pump has leaked since day 1. Mayor Hasten-Reed commented the city would not be responsible for any of the costs and is waiting on the IMEG firm to discuss this further.

Police Chief Larry Finch informed the council the new Dodge police vehicle and equipment for it were ordered.

Marlie Deeter informed the council that it was time to order new stickers for golf carts. Marlie and Larry thought smaller stickers would work okay and be cheaper than what they had last year. They also thought 50 stickers would be enough.

Attorney Chris Scholz informed the council the Hilton buildings east of the park had been declared abandoned, but Hilton would still have 30 days to clean it up. After that Scholz said the city could clean it up and put a lien against the property if they wanted to.

Brian Covert asked about the status of the railroad crossings. Scholz said the Illinois Commerce Commission has received the complaint. Scholz said he would check again as he had not heard from them in a while.

In other action the council approved:

The council discussed buying a cage for the new squad car. Half a cage cost $1283 installed and a full cage cost $1789. The council is leaning toward buying a full cage and it will be on the next agenda at the January 11 meeting.

Mayor Hasten-Reed reminded the council that there will not be a 2nd meeting in December because of the holidays.

Present were Mayor Hasten-Reed, Council members: Kelly Harkey, Dave Clover, Brian Covert, Greg Wisslead. Absent was Randy Shumaker and Jerry Burford. Also present was Clerk Lucretia McPeak, Treasurer Monalisa Graves, Police Chief Larry Finch, Police Officer Marlie Deeter, ESDA Representative Max Owsley, Employees: Tim Graves, Daniel Carpenter, Trevor Finch, David Little, also attorney Chris Scholz Deanna Stambaugh, Dan Gillett and Michael Rodeffer.

Adjourned at 7:57 p.m.