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La Harpe City Council Approves New Police Vehicle Purchase

by Michael Rodeffer, The Quill

At the November 23rd meeting, the La Harpe City Council unanimously approved the purchase of a new Dodge Durango from Kunes dealership at Macomb for $34,423. Brian Covert said a grant of $18,500 had been approved and the city would be able to receive the money once the city had the title and insurance.

All council members (except Jerry Burford) and Mayor Kat Hasten-Reed were present. Jerry Burford was on speaker phone and answered roll call.

The council unanimously approved the treasurer's report and paying of the bills. (Burford voted via speaker phone). Burford's call was lost for the rest of the meeting.

The council next brought up the Ramsey Financial Services insurance quote for property and liability insurance. Ramsey's quote was for $39,994. The current insurance with RMA, which had earlier this summer quoted approximately $44,000 as the cost to renew, changed its renewal rate to $35,641. Greg Wisslead made a motion to accept the Ramsey proposal and Dave Clover 2nd the motion. Randy Shumaker, Kelly Harkey, and Brian Covert voted no and Wisslead and Clover voted yes. Motion was defeated.

The council also unanimously approved waiving the sewer portion of Shirley Lotz bill when she had incurred a water leak. Lotz had paid all the cost of the water, but had asked for a waiver on the excess sewer portion since the water had not entered the sewer system.

The council approved a list of items they would like to do if contingency funds are available. Mayor Hasten-Reed said according to IMEG Representative Megan Crook, there was approximately $232,000 available. The list approved in order of priority was:

1. E Street project

2. C Street project

3. Scott Street and Park Lane project

4. New water meters

5. Mixing system for water tower

6. 25 auto shut-off meters

7. Clean inside of water tower

8. Buy an attachment on back of truck to flush hydrants

The council decided not to have a Christmas dinner for employees due to COVID-19 restriction. In lieu of the dinner, the council unanimously approved $25 gift certificates at local businesses of their choice for the city employees.

The council also unanimously approved Christmas bonuses for employees with full-time employees receiving $200 and part-time employees receiving $100.

A motion to not have a 2nd meeting in December due to the holidays passed by a 4-1 vote. Wisslead was the lone "no" vote.

Clover informed the council he had received several comments complimenting the new decorations in the city park.

In other actions, the council approved:

Council adjourned at 8:07 p.m.

Present were council members Dave Clover, Kelly Harkey, Greg Wisslead, Randy Shumaker, Brian Covert, Mayor Kat Hasten-Reed, Clerk Lucretia McPeak, Treasurer Monalisa Graves, RMA Representative Eric Little, police employee Lynn Hoyt, street employee Trevor Finch, Police Chief Larry Finch, Dan Gillett, and Michael Rodeffer.