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Aunt Polly

Hello folks,

Thanksgiving was different this year as family was few who gathered, if they did at all, due to the warnings of the increased Coronavirus.

My Thanksgiving turkey that I usually bake ended up to be a rotisserie chicken from the market with smaller side dishes.

The dressing was only one small batch rather than a roasting pan full, and some of the dishes were cut out altogether, like the homemade noodles, and the sweet potatoes, even the pumpkin pie!

The dinner ended up to be only 6 people rather than the usual big family gathering at one of our homes.

Flo and Clyde went to their daughter's house where some of their friends joined them for ham and turkey, cranberry sauce and apple pie and rolls and they enjoyed sweet potatoes and salads and vegetable casseroles.

I am hoping to be able to gather with more family and friends on Christmas, but time will tell if that can happen.

Last year, there were so many young ones, and so many adults and so much commotion going on it was hard to have a good visit with everyone there,

Smaller gatherings allow for more intimate talks with those in attendance even though it is hard not to gather with all the family on holidays.

Family and close friends are the key ingredients, Flo and I agreed, during the holidays.

We enjoy the delicious food but more so it is the preparing and cleaning up together and visiting over the meal that makes it so special.

Faith Makita, who was the areas's best baker of bread, pies, well about everything would teach in her classes, that the best ingredient in the food we prepare is the love we put into it. And the best time to eat fresh made food is right when it pops out of the oven, especially bread and cookies. She said, don't make your guests or family wait but sliced the bread, and get out the butter and jam and let them enjoy it at its best.

Several families have had someone or several in their family with the virus. Some said they were over it within 10 days and the hard part was being alone, and not having family or friends around.

Other families have lost some dear family members due to complications from the Coronavirus.

The good thing Flo heard was that the vaccine is coming in. In fact, the first plane load arrived in Chicago last week.

"I am hopin it will help and not cause further problems," she said.

I told Flo that, "Time will tell.... and continued prayers are a must. Folks just aren't use to staying home alone. In today's world of fast communication, folks have more of a problem adjusting to the quiet."

"Something good is coming out of it in Stronghurst," I said "They are having their first ever lighted Christmas parade and I think more people are decorating their homes and thinking of neighbors than ever before. "

"Joe is even excited and said he is coming over and drive me to the parade."

Clyde said, "It is not like Joe to care about parades or for him to even come over to visit!"

"I know, Clyde," I said. "But somehow, he is getting very excited. I am wondering if he is putting his old truck or the Model T in the parade or something He is even bringing his pesty neighbor boy, Eddie. I bet they are up to something! I'm kind of excited to see what it is."

"Too bad Ethel had to take the train back to Chicago. She would love the parade, especially if she got to ride in it with Joe!"

We both laughed and decided to work on a puzzle and have some hot tea with honey. Hope to see you at the parade and see you in church, Sunday. Bring your Bible! -Love, Aunt Polly