The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1924 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross

Stronghurst Graphic: Oct. 30, 1924

CELEBRATED HER 92ND BIRTHDAY: from the LaHarpe Quill-" Mrs. Emily Bainter of the Stronghurst country, widow of Peter Bainter, reached her 92nd birthday on Oct. 27th and the occasion was properly observed by a surprise upon the worthy lady gotten up by her daughters and son who gathered at the old homestead and passed a pleasant day with mother. A birthday cake with 92 candles adorned the table. Mrs. Bainter is unusually bright mentally for one who has traveled so long on life's pathway. Last Thanksgiving Day she fell and broke her hip and has been practically bedfast ever since. She still resides on the home farm where she and her husband spent so many happy years but has every comfort and care that is possible to provide. All of the daughters, six in number and the son Will H. were present at the celebration. All live in the neighborhood except Mrs. Jane Naven of Brooks, Iowa. The other girls are Mrs. Nancy Veech, Mrs. O. W. Beckett, Mrs. Freeman Doak, Mrs. Will Ross, and Mrs. Milt Lovitt.

HE DROWNED: Glen Vaughn, the 24 year old son of Mark Vaughn of Burlington, Ia. died by drowning in the Mississippi River about 10 miles north of Burlington last Saturday afternoon. Young Vaughn and a companion. R. Mercer, had been camping on Rag Island and were on their way to Oquawka in a motor boat to lay in a supply of provisions. The boat struck a snag and a hole was ripped in the bottom of the craft, causing it to fill with water and sink. The men were encumbered with their clothing and swimming exceedingly difficult. Mercer was able to keep from sinking and also to sustain Vaughn for a time but was finally obliged to let go of his companion who immediately disappeared beneath the waves. Mercer managed to reach the shore and give the alarm and searching parties were soon at work endeavoring to locate the body of the young man. At last reports, the search was unsuccessful."