The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1924 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross

Stronghurst Graphic: Sept.18, 1924

HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL: Stronghurst fans will get their first chance to see the local football team in action Saturday, Sept. 20 at 2:30 p.m. when the team meets Galesburg on Sanderson field:The Galesburg team that meets our local lads will be composed of both first and second team players who are the most inexperienced of that squad:

The Stronghurst team faces a heavy schedule. A good bunch of material is out, especially in the backfield, but the line, although it will be heavier than last year, will be very inexperienced:In the backfield, Captain Mills and Frank Wilcox at quarter and full, will be a tower of strength on both offense and defense. These two lads are without doubt among the best high school players in this part of the state. A wealth of material is fighting over the half back positions. Eldred Kemp, Lowell Leinbach, Guy Stine, Clarence Harvey and Lavern Leinbach are all fast and will probably all get chances to play. Clarence Burrell, Dixson Steffey and Sharon Gregory are out for the center position. Burrell is also a candidate for end and may be used at that post part of the time. "Ping" Stine and "Lizzie" Smith are the most likely candidate for end while Kenneth Sanderson is a player who will surprise the fans when he has had a year's experience. Lavern Leinbach is a candidate for end as well as half back. Chandler, Beardsley, Veech and Brokaw are fighting for the tackle positions. Dick and Joe Howell, George Decker and Loren Pearson are out for Guard while Clarence Harvey is working in the line part of the time. Steffey is a candidate for guard as well as center.

In opinion of coach, Mills and Wilcox are the only men who are reasonably certain of starting the first game in their positions. The men who show up best again the Galesburg squad will be the men who form the regular first eleven.

GO WEST: Mr. and Mrs. John T. Breen left Stronghurst by auto for Midwest Wyo., a new town in the oil region near Casper. Previous to leaving they sold their residence to Mr. Chas. E. Fort, Jr. If they find Wyoming to their liking, they may decide to locate there permanently.

LOCAL AND AREA NEWS: J. H. Annegers now located in Galesburg leaves for Canada to look after his land investments. He goes to Weyburn, south of Regina. G.W. Voorhees was taken violently ill last Saturday at his home southeast of Stronghurst and was taken to the Burlington Hospital where he underwent an operation. Reports say he is recovering nicely. A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Staley, former residents of Stronghurst but now living at Galesburg. Mrs. Dora Haislett arrived from her home at Yuma, Colo. for a visit with relatives. She has been a guest at the Joel Marsden home and expects to stop at Henderson, Iowa to see her mother on her return journey. W. C. Ivins and George T. Chant were down in Hancock County looking after affairs on their farm near West Point. They report prospects for profitable returns from 65 acres of soy beans with an estimate yield of 20 bushels per acres. Gear Putney and wife arrived from Kansas City, Kan. for their annual visit with relatives and friends. Dixson Jones, Arthur Forbes and Dewain Rezner are attending business college at Quincy. The Willing Workers of the U. P. Church will hold a cake and chicken sale at the Farmers' Co-operative the afternoon of Sept. 27th.

Notwithstanding the fact that nearly all the fairs held in Western Illinois thus far this year have not paid expenses, the Hancock County Fair held at Carthage is reported to have closed with a balance of $1,603.09 ($23,019 in today's values) Mrs. Rosetta Buchanan of Portland, Ore., was a recent guest of her cousin, Mrs. L.A. Wilson. She was enroute home from the Biennial Convention of the Loyal Institute of Universal Orangeman which was held in Boston, Mass. Mrs. Callie Clark is confined to her bed by complication of ailments requiring a nurse and medical treatment. Mr. Ray Stamp and Fred Heller of Gus, Iowa drove over for a short visit with their uncle, Charlie Charter near Olena and their uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Spiker. Eugene Wilson of Williamsfield went to Ft. Madison where he will enter the Santa Fe Hospital for the treatment of an eye which has become infected from a cinder or some foreign substance being lodged in it. The following young men are attending business college at Ft. Madison: Chalmer Gilttings of Lomax; Russell White and brother Jos. White; Ralph Knutstrom, James Curtis, Morgan Parish-all graduates of Stronghurst High School and Roy Anders of Media and Roy Hicks of Olena.

GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY PARTY: The Golden Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Holman Beebe was celebrated on Saturday at their home in Biggsville. Their two sons, Sam of Biggsville and Dave of Burlington and families with about 65 other friends and relatives enjoyed a three course dinner served at noon. Decorations of white and yellow and a big wedding cake on the bride's table were noted. The afternoon was spent socially and Mr. and Mrs. Beebe received many good wishes and purse of money. Mrs. Beebe has lived here most of her life and Mr. Beebe came when a young man and all their married life has been spent here.

BIGGSVILLE BRIEFS: Members of the Y.P.C.U. of the U. P. church enjoyed a fine evening at a weenie roast at the home of Misses Dorothy and Ruth Lant. Under the big trees in the lane leading to the house, weenies were roasted and meal served. Outdoor games were played and the guests departed at a late hour. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Brouse are the parent of a baby girl born last Saturday at the Burlington Hospital. L. A. Norman of Kirkwood is now acting cashier of the First National Bank. Norma June, little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Berry, has been quite ill with stomach trouble. Mr. and Mrs. John Mekemson expect soon to move to their home in the west part of town from Galesburg where they spent the last year. Ed Wiegand left for St. Paul to attend a Navy convention. Seats have arrived for the grade pupils and it is the wish of all parents that school will soon be on the boom.