The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Winter Brings The Snow

Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

In the Mid-West, winter is bound to bring snow and cold weather sooner or later, and we received a bounty of it last weekend (some say 11+ inches) and we're on track to receive another batch along with sub-zero temperatures.

Fortunately, those who traveled for Christmas and New Year's were saved from the nasty roads and airport closings.

It's fun watching kids slid down hills and building snowmen and forts, but cold and ice is dangerous, so be cautious. You can fall on the ice and be down before you know it on walks or parking lots as granddaughter Ali can attest. Injuries also happen inside. Granddaughter Hannah underwent ACL repair from a basketball "foul" at IW and unfortunately is out for the sporting season her senior year. Saturday, grandson Josh was tripped up in a race at U of Iowa when a runner pushed around him and stepped in front of his fast gate and he went flying, but able to limp off the track without a hospital visit, only minor scrapes.

I still look forward to good things in 2019. Hannah and Emalee will be graduating and heading off to college. And just maybe, corn prices will go up.

-We can only hope...and pray!