The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Hancock County Board Approves Replacing Pilot Grove Township Bridge

Joy Swearingen-The Quill Correspondent

The board approved replacing a bridge in Pilot Grove Township on CR 2100 East at Rock Creek, about half a mile south of Burnside. The bid was awarded to County Contractors, Inc., of Quincy, for $303,869. Payment is 80 percent by the state, and 10 percent each from the county and Pilot Grove Road District. A half-aid petition from Augusta Township was approved to repair a bridge on 2500 East at Flour Creek, with the estimated cost of $36,000 split between the township and the county.

A disaster declaration because of flooding, passed by the Hancock County Board, should help the county get funds for clean up and repair of roads and culverts after this spring's flooding.

Jack Curfman, county ESDA director, reported to the county Health Committee that the Red Cross has come to assess the damage in the county. The governor has named Hancock County among the 34 county disaster declarations made on May 3.

Approval of the county declaration at their meeting May 21 should help the county and its towns qualify for FEMA funds to help with clean up, and make repairs to roads, culverts and bridges.

The Hancock County Health Department is conducting free well water testing if a well was under water or within 10 feet of the flood water. These samples should be at the Health Department by noon on Mondays to be sent for testing. There is usually a charge, however these free tests will continue through June.

The board approved selling the building near the Hancock County Sheriff's Office which had been purchased several years ago as a possible EMS headquarters. The building was appraised at $81,600. The Hancock County Building Commission had agreed to purchase the building for 80 percent of the appraised value. The sale price was $65,280.

The building will be used for offices and training space by the sheriff's department, by Jack Curfman to store ESDA equipment, and for EMS equipment that had been stored in other parts of the county.

County Treasurer Kris Pilkington told the board that the tax bills are at the printer, and would be sent out May 28. Due dates for the two installment payments are June 28 and Sept, 6.

The board adopted a resolution designating all county banks as depositories for county tax payments.

The board acted to change the Sale in Error at the Tax Sale law. The fee had cost $60 per buyer, and was changed to $60 per parcel sold. The buyer gets the fee back when the land owner redeems his taxes.

The board approved the following appointments:

Board of Review - Tony Pierce, 1 year;, Tyler Sellens, 2 years; Deb Limkeman, 2 years;

Farmland Review Committee - Steve Bolton and Mark Burling, 2-year terms;

Colchester Fire Protection District - Stephen Altenbern, 2 years; John Bushmire, 3 years;

Dallas Rural Fire Protection District - Tim Farniok and William Hutson, 3 years;

Board of Health - Nancy Krekel, Dale Quimby, DDS, Mark Strope, MD, Lionel Joe Smith, MD, 3-year terms, and Melissa Pence, unexpired term;

Hancock Building Commission - Mark Menn.

The board accepted a write-off of $89,946.74 for the Ambulance Fund charges, which are uncollectable from Medicare and Medicaid adjustments.