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Meet Your Neighbor

By Becky Smith - The Quill

Meet your neighbors, Mike "Bubba" and Megan Smith of La Harpe.

Mike has gone by the name "Bubba" all his life so Megan says he might not know you're talking to him if you call him "Mike".

Mike was born and raised in Macomb and is the son of Mike and Angela Smith of Macomb. He was a 2004 graduate of Macomb High School and is employed by the City of Macomb.

Megan was born in Macomb and raised in La Harpe. Her parents are Ira and Rena Willey and Max and Rebecca Quivey, all of La Harpe.

Megan was a 2005 graduate of La Harpe High School and is currently the store manager at R&M Market & Floral in La Harpe. Prior to that she was a stay at home mom and also a volunteer at the Colchester schools where they lived after they were first married.

Mike has two brothers, Tony Smith and Tim Smith, and two sisters, Tanisha Malone and Ashley Malone. His grandparents are Bill and the late Jan Brown of Macomb and the late Ernest and Patricia Smith of Macomb.

Megan's siblings are Adam Willey, Carolyn (Willey) Neff, Trena Haynes, Ryan Mullenix, Ryan Quivey, and Mindy Johnson. Her grandparents are Alta and the late Jack Hutchison, the late Larry and Carol Boone, and the late Richard and Jane Willey.

Megan says "family comes first" so her hobbies are usually spending time with family, but she also enjoys deer hunting, fishing, and working on remodeling their home.

Mike is also very much a family man but also enjoys bow hunting and serving others. Megan says he is always eager to help others in need and in his spare time is most likely helping someone else with a project.

They like to take family vacations to Wyoming to visit Mike's brother, Tony, and camp in the Big Horn Mountains.

Megan's favorite saying is "God has been good to you", a saying her mother once said to her and has stuck with her through life. She says it helps her put life in to perspective at times and to always be thankful for what you have in life.