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Scouts volunteer to help La Harpe with city projects

by Mike Rodeffer-The Quill

La Harpe Mayor Kat Hasten-Reed announced she had been approached by the Boy Scouts and that they were wanting to do some projects for the city, possibly cleaning up the reservoir and picking up trash and wanted to know if the city council would approve some projects for them to work on. The council also discussed scraping and painting the picnic tables at the park. The council all agreed it would be a fine idea.

The La Harpe City Council met at City Hall April 22nd, for their regular meeting.

La Harpe Police Chief Larry Finch informed the council that the city has a chance to buy 2 laptops and 2 docking stations from the Carthage Police Department for a total of $750.

Finch reported officers could electronically file accident reports and save time by cutting down on paper work. Since the items were on the agenda, later in the meeting under new business, the council unanimously approved the purchase.

Water Superintendent Tim Graves informed the council that the well drillers had brought their rigs to town and would be bringing more equipment tomorrow and hoped to start in two weeks. Graves also said the city only had 8-10 days supply of lime left and he could go and get 5 or 6 tons on a trailer instead of 16 tons from a semi-load. Graves didn't want the city to be stuck with a bunch of unused lime plus getting a semi load would require several garages for storage as the shed behind the water plant has been torn down. The council seemed okay with Graves plan.

City Clerk Lucretia McPeak stated she had official election results if anyone wants to see them. Also, McPeak said after the next meeting is over, she will swear in those that have been elected.

Attorney Chris Scholz informed the council he had heard from the railroad company concerning the rough track crossing and that they had scheduled a June time-frame to look into the problem.

During public comment, Ryan Hopper ask the city to consider a street light on Willow Drive. After some discussion, the council decided since there had at one time been a street light there, the council made a motion and unanimously approved installing a street light on Willow Drive.

The council unanimously approved the treasurers report and paying of bills.

The council also unanimously approved Resolution 2019-A. (Getting a $50,000 CD from Raritan State Bank.)

The council also approved a motion to pay $50 for a renewal to the Illinois Sheriff's Association.

The council went into executive session at approximately 8:15 p.m. to discuss 2017 and 2018 executive minutes.