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La Harpe City Council Hears Marlie Burt Completed Training

by Mike Rodeffer-The Quill

La Harpe Councilman Brian Covert announced that Marlie Burt had completed her full transition training Monday evening July 8th at the regular La Harpe City Council meeting at 7:00 p.m..

An increase in pay was approved for Marlie Burt to $40,000 per year with no overtime, but she can still earn comp time, and must remain employed with the City of La Harpe through November 2020 or she will have to reimburse her schooling costs which will be prorated. Her pay will be effective immediately

Mayor Kat Hasten-Reed wanted to thank the La Harpe Park District for the wonderful 4th of July celebration and fireworks and also thank the Bill Burt family for putting out flags throughout the town.

IMEG rep Megan Crook informed the council the water project was approximately 30% completed dollar-wise and blocks are being laid for the new water plant building on Main Street.

Crook stated the 2nd well being drilled was at about 300' and they were planning on drilling around the clock, but that it was very noisy.

Crook also said about 25% of residents have been hooked up to the new water main lines.

Attorney Chris Scholz said he had received no replies form the Pioneer Short Line Railroad about fixing the rough crossings in town so he will send one more letter. The railroad company had previously said they would work on them in June, but had not done so.

The swimming pool meter had quit so a new meter would be necessary, it was reported by employee Tim Graves.

City Clerk Lucretia McPeak asked for a motion to pay Central Stone Co. in the amount of $49.33 for gravel and McDonough Co. Highway Dept. in the amount of $310.55 for road patch all coming from motor fuel tax. Motion was made and approved by all council members.

In other action, the council approved: