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Final One Accused In Mynatt Murder, Pleas Guilty In Plea Bargain

Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

"Today...I let it go. Justice has finally set my Dad Free!" stated Linda Mynatt Markey in a packed courtroom of relatives and friends as she wound up her impact statement to Amy Hoffman who took part in the murder of her father on October 6, 2017.

Thursday, July 11, 2019, before the Honorable Judge Raymond Cavanaugh, it was the day of reckoning for Hoffman, 39, the final of three victims who brutally and cold-heartedly planned and carried out the attack to beat and shoot a kind-hearted-generous 87-year old, Rex Mynatt, Sr. in his rural Carman home in October 2017.

Amy Hoffman, born in 1979, plead guilty to Count I - First Degree Murder and will spend her 40th through 58th birthday on November 20th each year in an Illinois Department of Correction prison cell, serving out 100% of the minimum 20-year sentence. She is awarded 623 days credit for her time served 10/27/17 to 7/11/19 and 3 years supervised release for her brutal part in murdering the beloved veteran, father and grandfather Rex Mynatt, Sr..

In the courtroom Thursday, at 9:00 A.M., States Attorney Colby Hathaway and Defendent Amy R. Hoffman and her appointed attorney Blaise Rogers waited for Judge Cavanaugh to come into court At 9:08 A.M. Judge Cavanaugh and Circuit Clerk Sandra Keane entered the courtroom.

Judge Cavanaugh announced the case and recognized the defendent was present with council and asked her to affirm her plea of guilty which she agreed waiving the pre-sentencing report and a judge for a trial, etc.

States Attorney Hathaway gave a background report of past records on Hoffman which included alcohol related offenses, DUIs and assault (battery) with 36 days probation and 260 days in jail in California; another 15 days in jail in California, a judgment in North Dakota, 10 days in jail and probation for a DUI in North Dakota, 20 days in jail and probation for a DUI, and the list went on.

Linda Markey approached the bench with her father's hat and a picture she placed on the podium facing Amy and read the following statement:

"Amy, Sitting here, finally facing the person truly responsible for my father's death makes me physically sick. Your may not have pulled the trigger Amy but you are the selfish, conniving human being that ultimately led my father to his cruel death. If it hadn't been for him meeting you and you taking advantage of his kindness and generosity:My father would still be with his family.

My last conversation with my Dad was crying and begging him to stay away from you and the others that stole from him. I tried to tell him what horrible people you were, using him, his kindness and generosity for your own personal gain. My father suffered with dementia and just wanted a friend. All you wanted was money from an old man. Someone that you, Angel and Donnie saw as an opportunity to steal from him.

The last words my father said to me was not to worry about him. Then 2 days later you stood over his dead body. I pray GOD NEVER lets you forget that image for the rest of your life.

I have to live with the vision of finding my father's cold lifeless body on the floor that horrible Sunday morning and staring at a blood stained carpet while cleaning out his belongings. No son or daughter should have to endure this.

My Dad lived a full life and survived so many things over the years.

As a young soldier in the Korean many of his friends and fellow soldiers never returned but my father survived.

As a hard working man, working a full time day job at Champion then coming home and working till after dark on the farm to raise and support his loving family.

Also his whole life using explosives to help his fellow farmers in need and survived. With this came many endless stories that we will never get to hear from him.

No more family dinners, birthdays or holidays together with him with us.

His beloved little church and loving church family will never get to hear him ring the bell, set the old clock every Sunday, and most of all, have breakfast with his friends from church. The fellowship and laughter we all shared.

No more fishing with his family and friends. My kids never get to see their Grandpa again..the man, who with my Mother, helped me raise my children with so much love and guidance.

He will never get to meet his most recent Great Grandchildren.

My Dad was the kind of human, who would help any and everyone in need. But because of your selfish, greedy, drug filled life, you took advantage of my Dad's kindness and generosity. HOW DARE YOU!!

I don't believe you received enough punishment for your part in my father's murder and for what you put my family through this past 1 1/2 ..Our family even tried to show you mercy with the first agreement and because IT WAS YOUR refused and drug out the pain and suffering our family was praying would be over. YOUR LIFE..what about the cruel way you took my father's life?

Any time you spend behind prison walls, Amy.. is time I don't have to see you or think of you EVER again.

My Pastor had a passage on Sunday recently and all I thought of was you..

Luke 12: 4-5

Dear friends..don't be afraid of those who want to murder you. They can only kill the body.they have no power over your souls.

But I tell you whom to fear..fear GOD..who has the power to kill and then cast into Hell.

In the end Amy, I believe God is who has control of your soul. My daily struggle, because of my faith, is someday forgiving you.

Today..I cannot forgive you but I will pray to forget you.


Granddaughter Jessie Mynatt gave her victim impact statement letting Hoffman know just what a terrible person she was. "a lier, and a thief, murderer, selfish coward," and gave a comparison to her grandfathers circle of friends and life of her's behind bars and what her children have had for an example. "Today closes a chapter in your life-and time to start a new life." as you go to prison.

Judge Cavanaugh said he had an obligation to make sure Hoffman has a fair trial and a plea bargain had been agreed on by the state but he read 10 points from the law that he could consider in extending the 20 year sentence if it goes to court or is appealed. The minimum is 20 years but maximum is 60 plus 15 years so an appeal puts her at risk of a 75 year prison sentence if found guilty in trial. She has 30 days to appeal.