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La Harpe City Council Hear Water Project Update

by Michael Rodeffer, The Quill

The La Harpe City Council met at 7 p.m. on June 24th for their 2nd regular meeting of the month.

IMEG rep Megan Crook updated the council as to how the water project was coming along. Crook said the first well being drilled was at about 1000' and they had hit the rock formation which was intended and were getting approximately 300-400 gallon of water per minute which was very satisfactory.

She said the well-drilling rig will now be moved up by the water plant on Main Street to begin digging the second well.

Crook said the concrete floor had been poured at the water plant and almost all of the water main lines were in the ground and Lavierdiere was starting to hook up resident onto the new line.

Water Superintendent Tim Graves reported 1 of the pumps was not working at the lift station. After having to pull it twice, he said it was now working again.

Graves also said he had been in contact with an AmerenIL rep and they were planning on putting a new pole and street light up at Willow Drive at no charge.

Graves reported that the tile problem on West Main Street could be fixed for about $70 worth of parts. He also reported the need for copper sulfate to treat the reservoir and said 50 pound bags of the crystal form cost $128.50 per bag and they needed 10 bags. Treasurer Maggie Link told him she could order them for him.

Graves said after last Saturdays rains, a resident had called with a flooded basement problem and thought a tile line had been hit when the water main line was being put in past their house. He said the only line Laverdiere Construction Inc. had hit was an old sewer line that was dry. Graves thought the residence needed a sump pump to control the water which it did not have.

He reported also that he had ordered some chemicals at a cost of about $2,000.

Employee Trevor Finch reported the city crew had put down 6 ton of road patch and would probably use that much more next week, and also they would be needing to get some gravel.

Police Chief Larry Finch reported Marli Burt was in her 2nd week of training. Finch also informed the council that the Ford squad car was in need of 4 tires.

The council approved 3 change orders for the water project. One change was for additional casing pipe for the first well at an additional cost of $2,535.

Another change was for unmarked water lines to be repaired that had been hit at a cost of $8,761.60 for the repair work.

A third change was for a special "T" fitting which was needed at a cost of $1,480.00

In other business, the council approved:

¥to accept and pay treasurers report and bills

¥buying 4 tires for Ford squad car at a cost of $700 from Clovers' Tire.

The council discussed the pasture grass (hay) leasing at the cemetery property with no action taken.

Council went into executive session at 8:42 p.m.. Present were: Aldermen Randy Shumaker, Greg Wisslead, Brian Covert, Dave Clover, Jerry Burford and Kelly Hardy;

Mayor Kat Hasten-Reed, Clerk Lucretia McPeak, Treasurer Maggie Link, City Attorney Chris Scholz, IMEG rep Megan Crook, Police Chief Larry Finch, employees Trevor Finch, Tim and Monalisa Graves, and Dan Gillett and Michael Rodeffer/The Quill.