The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1924 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross

Stronghurst Graphic Jan. 24, 1924

BETTER STRONGHURST LEAGUE: Community problems were discussed at the annual business meeting and luncheon at the NuVon Hotel. Mr. George Dixson was unanimous choice for ensuing year as president with W.C. Regan as vice-president and W.C. Ivins and G. C. Rehling as directors. A luncheon of sandwiches, pie and coffee were served by the hotel staff. M. L. Evans, Jr. urged the group to support better roads-oiled and hard surface. Rev. R. C. Myers requested the group support the reorganization of a Boy Scout troop, which they did.

STRONGHURST NATIONAL FARM LOAN ASSOCIATION: The association held their annual meet with the election of officers: O.W.Beckett, Pres.; C. R. Marshall, Vice-Pres.; and B. G. Widney, Treas. Appraisers are the following: C. R. A. Marshall, G. M. McGaw and C.B.Vaughan. Reports for the year showed a very healthy condition in that the association has loans in force at this time of almost $200,000 and applications on hand of $40,000. The association represents the Federal Land Bank of St. Louis, a government organized institution and millions on hand to relieve the condition of the oppressed farmer. (After W.W.I, farm prices plummeted and some farmers were in dire straits.)

SCHOOL IN RARITAN BURNS: The public school building in the village of Raritan was completely destroyed last Monday evening by a fire which broke out some time about 7 o'clock and which had gained such headway when discovered, that it was impossible to save the building. The fire apparently originated in the second story of the building and none of the equipment or books in the room on that floor were saved. The school books and much of the equipment in the ground floor room, which was used for a primary department, was carried out before the fire reached that part of the building.

An over heated flue or pipe is supposed to have caused the fire although the janitor is reported to have said everything seemed to be all right when he banked the furnace fire earlier in the evening. The school house was a two story frame structure built in 1881and remodeled quite a number of years ago. On account of the age of the building and consequent depreciation in value, only $1,000 in insurance was carried by the district. Arrangements have been made whereby the Odd Fellows Hall and another small building in the village will be used temporarily to house the two departments of the school.