The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1924 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross

Stronghurst Graphic, Jan. 3, 1924

BUSINESSES CHANGES IN THE NEW YEAR: The opening of the new year was marked by several business changes in Stronghurst; the two most important being the passing of the management of the NuVon Hotel and the Lyric Theater into new hands. Mr. Ed Wanders, who has been managing the NuVon for several months, retired from the business on Jan. first. He was succeeded by Allie Bruce, our former cafˇ manger, who has been employed in the railroad shops in Fort Madison for the past year.

In the case of the Lyric Theater, Mr. M. E. Beardsley, who has owned and operated this playhouse since it was fitted up some fifteen years ago, has leased the same to Mr. A. A. Cavins of Raritan, to whom he has also sold the moving picture projecting equipment. Mr. Cavins expects to move here with his family as soon as he can make suitable arrangements for a dwelling place; and as manager of the Lyric he will endeavor to sustain the reputation of that playhouse as a popular amusement place. Mr. Cavins has also purchased for Mr. George Chant the one story brick building on the corner of Broadway and Nichols Street, now occupied by the K. E. Yoakam jewelry store. It had been his intention to fit his building up for a moving picture house, but this plan was abandoned after the deal for the lease of the Lyric was made.

With expectation of having to vacate the Chant building by the first of the year, Mr. Yoakam has been conducting a discontinuance sale of his stock of jewelry, chinaware, notions and toys for the past few weeks. He has decided, however, since the change of plans on the part of Mr. Cavins whereby he will be allowed to continue his lease of the building for a time, to arrange if possible, for the sale of his business to other parties who will continue the same. In view of this fact he has announces that his special discount sale will be discontinued after Jan. 10th. He gives this notice in order that any who may have contemplated taking advantage of the present prices he is making on any article or articles he has in stock may still have the opportunity of doing so.

ANTI-SALOON LEAGUE ORGANIZED: Rev. James of Galesburg, district superintendent of the Illinois Anti-Saloon League was in Stronghurst to preside over a meeting held in the U.P.Church at which an organization was affected for carrying on the work of the league in Henderson County. Special attention will be given by the organization to the matter of law enforcement and the nomination of dry candidates for county, district and state offices. A central committee consisting of 25 to 30 persons from the various townships of the county was chosen and the following county officers selected: Pres.-Rev. J. A. Mahaffey; V-Pres.-O. W. Beckett; Sec.-Miss Lucretia Bruen; Treas.-Wm. Whiteman. The county executive committee will be composed of the above and the following additional members: C. E. Lant of Gladstone; Joe Rowley of Bald Bluff; Rev. Ross of Oquawka; Oscar Singleton of Rozetta; Mrs. Ralph Painter of Terre Haute and E.G. Lewis of Media (Prohibition was invading all aspects of daily life and became a powerful political force in that candidates dare not cross this group or chance losing their office).

DOWN HE WENT: Mr. L. D. Colyer of Stronghurst was the victim of an accident from which recovery may be a slow process on account of his advanced age. The freezing weather and light snow fall of the previous night had made the footing rather treacherous in spots and on going out in the morning into the yard of the Lukens home where he resides, Mr. Colyer slipped and fell in such a way as to bring his elbow in contact with a board causing a fracture of one of the bones of the arm just above the elbow joint. His injury was given prompt medical attention and he is resting as easily as could be expected under the circumstances. Mr. Colyer is in his 91st year and the bone knitting process will probably be slow on that account.

SUFFERS A STROKE: Mrs. Eleanor Gibb suffered a paralytic stroke at her home in Stronghurst last Sunday afternoon at about 5 o'clock and since that time has been in a critical condition. Although able to recognize her friends and understand what is going on about her, she is almost entirely deprived of the power of speech and is practically helpless.

LOCAL AND AREA NEWS: The Raritan Baptist Church celebrated the 65th anniversary of the founding of the church last Sunday, Dec.30th with appropriate services held in the morning, afternoon and evening. The church had 500 copies of an interesting church bulletin printed at the Graphic office for distribution amongst the members and friends of the congregation as a memento of the occasion. (Anyone have one?)

The next laymen's prayer meeting for the men of Monmouth Presbytery of the U. P. Church will be held in the 9th Ave. church in Monmouth on Jan. 10th with Mr. Walter Cochran of Biggsville as leader speaking on the topic "Work." Wm. A. Moss, wife and daughter of Felt, Idaho visited at the home of Rev. R. C. Myers in the village. Mr. Moss is superintendent of the Idaho State Agricultural Station and Farm located at Felt. Charles Drew, former Stronghurst man who has been a C.B.& Q. R.R. conductor for many years with a run out of Burlington went out on his last run on Dec.31st. Miss Gail Brook returned to Urbana after spending the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Brook. Mrs. M. L. Evans entertained at dinner New Year's Day in honor of her father and mother and Mrs. Rollins of Yates City. After dinner cards were the principal amusement. Two years ago Dr. Aldrich of La Harpe was arrested and jailed on the charge of automobile theft. He was acquitted at the trial and has brought suit in the amount of $15,000 against H.S.Bradford, a former La Harpe resident for false imprisonment and defamation of character.