The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Letter To The Editor

Dear Editor:

It is common knowledge the boundaries of Stronghurst are within the two townships of Stronghurst and Media.

For those unaware, Highway 94 separates the two townships. Media is East of 94 and Stronghurst is West.

Each of the townships have 4 trustees, a supervisor, a clerk and a road commissioner. Trustees earn a salary for each meeting attended (normally 1 per month).

The other members earn a salary based on duties performed outside of the time spent in meetings. Trustees, however, are paid ONLY for meetings attended.

Before the last town election I became aware of the fact town board members were paid whether or not they chose to attend a meeting.

I was assured by at least 1 of the people seeking election as well as another person (don't remember if this party was up for election) that this issue would be addressed in the future.

To date fixing the "salary gate" has been delayed due to more important business.

While the monies issued for skipping meetings is paled by the funds to finance the new water tower it is still a needless waste of the taxpayers money.

Even if it takes an attorney to change the salary ordinance, it seems to me adding a sentence mandating attendance in order to be paid would take little time or funds to accomplish.

Perhaps I am over simplifying the process but from my view it appears to be a simple fix. It would be very interesting to know the attendance records just before the next election.

Jens Notestein