The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Remembering Maddie

By Becky Smith, The Quill

In light of what would have been Maddie's 20th birthday this past Sunday, September 23, I would like to take this time to put the past few months behind and reflect on the LIFE of Maddie L. Finch.

To share with you a little bit about Maddie, I've taken a few exerts from Rev. Bruce Goettsche's eulogy:

"We've laughed and celebrated the fun-loving character of Maddie Finch. But there was also a deeper side to her. She loved and admired her sister; she cared deeply about her parents. She gravitated to children who had special needs. She loved animals. "

"Maddie was great with kids. She wanted to be a nurse or a doctor in a children's oncology unit because she longed to ease their suffering. "

"Maddie was artistic. She loved doing crafts with the people at the Klein unit in Burlington who had Alzheimer's She hated the fact that they told her what to wear and said she had to take out her nose ring and earrings, but she loved the work. She also hated knowing that she would return the next day and they might have forgotten about everything they did together."

"Maddie gave blood as often as she could. She wanted to help people and be a positive force in life."

"She was not afraid to stand up for what she believed in. She loved people and had lots of friends because she had a way of letting everyone know that she accepted you just the way you are. You felt significant, understood and appreciated when you were with Maddie."

"She brought life and joy into our lives. She had a tender heart and saw the best in people."

In closing, the following is part of what Rev. Goettsche left in our hearts in remembrance of Maddie:

"It is my prayer that you will remember the LIFE of Maddie Finch,

•Every time you see someone with piercings and wild clothes, consider the possibility that this might be a person who just wants to have fun and wants people to see them as unique and beautiful.

•Every time you hear or read about an act of violence anywhere use that as a reminder to recall the richness of Maddie's life and to say a prayer for her family.

•And in memory of Maddie, every day as you go out into the world remember that everyone needs someone to make them feel like they are seen and valued. Choose to be that person. And if you do this consistently, don't be surprised if someday others refer to you as the life of the party . . . thank you Maddie for your example!"