The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Ordinance Prohibits Unusable Vehicles On The Street

At the Village of Biggsville board meeting on September 12, it was decided Ordinance 424 prohibits abandoned, unlicensed, and inoperable vehicles on the street. Tickets will be issued.

Dallas Rural Water has a program that we can take our invoice directly out of our account. The board agreed that if it would benefit the treasurer we would do it. Kevin Mortimer made a motion to accept the minutes, treasurer's report, and invoices. Dick Goff 2nd motion carried.

James Rogers reported that the aerator pump was picked up for repair and MVP said it would not be repairable. To purchase a new one it would cost $4,759.00 plus freight and delivers. James will call MVP and request a reduction on the shipping and delivery. Dick Goff made a motion to purchase a new aerator pump, Becky Price 2nd, motion carried.

The tree and branches have been taken down at the ballpark. It cost $1200.00. We have gotten some bids from $1400 to $1700 on taking a tree down in the east end of town. James will contact them and see if that is a firm bid.

There will be a softball tournament at the ballpark the last week-end of September.

The Halloween wiener roast will be at Reid Park from 5 to 6 p.m. on Halloween, October 31st.

Old Business: Tin has been purchased for the roofs. Mike West took the netting down at the ballpark as Deer kept getting caught in it. The village will store the netting. Brian Sterett will take a look at Biggs Park to see if anything needs to be done.

Nanci Sterett made a motion to accept the Test, Inc. Contract, Kevin 2nd and the motion carried.

The Village of Biggsvile Board expressed their deepest condolences to the Dick Reid family.

The meeting was called to order by Brian Sterett, Mayor-pro-tem, at 7 p.m. with the pledge of allegiance.

The meeting adjourned at 8:37 p.m.

Members present were:

Kathie Curtiss, Richard Goff, Kevin Mortimer, Rebecca Price, Brian Sterett, and Nanci Sterett.

Others present were: Marilyn Simmons, Treasurer; Judy Gravgaard, Clerk; and James Rogers.

Judy L. Gravgaard,

Village Clerk