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Greetings ta ever one in western Illinois and all readers of "The Quill".

Harvest Arrives

Some beans have been harvested this past week before the rain. Yields are be'n reported in the 55 to 65 bushels per acre range. Hopefully when it dries out from all this heavy rain we will have reports of better yields. Those fields that are yet green with all their leaves are probably gett'n a rain induced yield boost.

Corn yields thus far are reported at 235 ta 245 bushels per acre with moisture levels in the mid ta lower 20's. That corn that had "black layered" (reached physiological mature) will not have benefited from the recent rains. In fact they probably picked some moisture with all the continuous rain.

As the sun comes out this week and the fields dry out, there will probably be a fairly aggressive start on corn harvest and isolated bean harvest. It will be enterest'n ta see how the yield reports progress.


There were four (4) funerals last week of friends of mine. It causes a person to pause and reflect a bit especially since some of the deceased were younger than I. The bible sez we are built fer three (3) score and ten (10), which is seventy years. Any beyond that might be looked upon in a way as a gift. I guess ta that extent I and many of my friends are gifted.

With that in mind I'm share'n a piece accredited ta Steve Jobs. I don't know whether he penned these words or not but whoever wrote them gave an awesome observation from a feller in his last days:

The last words of Steve Jobs:

"I have come to the pinnacle of success in business. In the eyes of others, my life has been the symbol of success. However, apart from work, I have little joy. Finally, my wealth is simply a fact to which I am accustomed.

"At this time, lying on the hospital bed and remembering all my life, I realize that all the accolades and riches of which I was once so proud, have become insignificant with my imminent death. In the dark, when I look at green lights, of the equipment for artificial respiration and feel the buzz of their mechanical sounds, I can feel the breath of my approaching death looming over me.

"Only now do I understand that once you accumulate enough money for the rest of your life, you have to pursue objectives that are not related to wealth.

"It should be something more important: For example, stories of love, art, dreams of my childhood. No, stop pursuing wealth, it can only make a person into a twisted being, just like me.

"God has made us one way, we can feel the love in the heart of each of us, and not illusions built by fame or money, like I made in my life, I cannot take them with me. I can only take with me the memories that were strengthened by love.

"This is the true wealth that will follow you; will accompany you, he will give strength and light to go ahead.

"Love can travel thousands of miles and so life has no limits. Move to where you want to go. Strive to reach the goals you want to achieve. Everything is in your heart and in you hands.

What is the world's most expensive bed? The hospital bed. You, if you have money, you can hire someone to drive your car, but you cannot hire someone to take your illness that is killing you.

"Material things lost can be found. But one thing you can never find when you lose: life.

"Whatever stage of life where we are right now, at the end we will have to face the day when the curtain falls."

Well there ya have it then, words worth reflection.

Senior Power

Heres a good one fer ya ta enjoy:

A retired physician, Doctor Gordon Geezer, became very bored in retirement and decided to re-open a medical clinic.

He put a sign up outside that said: "Dr. Geezer's clinic. Get your treatment for $500-if not cured, get back $1,000."

Doctor Digger Young, who was positive that this old geezer didn't know beans about medicine, thought this would be a great opportunity to get $1,000. So he went to Dr. Geezer's clinic.

Dr. Young: "Dr Geezer, I have lost all taste in my mouth. Can you please help me?"

Dr. Geezer: "Nurse, please bring medicine from box 22 and put 3 drops in Dr. Young's mouth."

Dr. Young: "Aaagh!--This is Gasoline!"

Dr. Geezer: "Congratulations! You've got your taste back. That will be $500."

Dr. Young gets annoyed and goes back after a couple of days figuring to recover his money.

Dr. Young: "I have lost my memory, I cannot remember anything."

Dr. Geezer: "Nurse, please bring medicine from box 22 and put 3 drops in the patient's mouth."

Dr Young: "Oh, no you don't--that is Gasoline!"

Dr. Geezer: "Congratulations! You've got your memory back. That will be $500."

Dr. Young (after having lost $1,000) leaves angrily and comes back after several more days.

Dr. Young: "My eyesight has become weak--I can hardly see anything!"

Dr. Geezer: "Well, I don't have any medicine for that so, "Here's your $1000 back" (giving him a $10 bill).

Dr. Young: "But this is only $10!"

Dr. Geezer: "Congratulations! You got your vision back! That will be $500."

*Moral of story*--Just because you're "Young" doesn't mean that you can outsmart an "old Geezer"

*Remember: *Don't make old people mad. We don't like being old in the first place, so it doesn't take much to tick us off.

Mrs. Bruke and the boys want to give our sympathy to the Robert Louden family at the loss of a goodo man and servant as game warden and sheriff in Henderson County and as an officer for the Secretary of State.

With that I'll wrap it up for this week's column. Have a good rest of the week and spend quality time with yer family and friends.

See ya in the church of yer choice later this week.

Remember, wherever ya are, whatever ya be a do'n "BE A GOOD ONE!"

Keep on Smile'n

Catch ya later