The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Meet Your Neighbor

by Aryanne Westfall, The Quill

Talya Lovell

Talya Lovell, 19 years old, was born on May 1st 1999 in the old Burlington, Iowa hospital (Burlington Medical Center) and raised in Oquawka.

Talya currently is living in Stronghurst and younger brother Todd Hawley. She graduated from West Central High School with the class of 2017 and participated in track and cheerleading.

Talya is currently employed at Fun City Pzazz in Burlington, IA as a lifeguard and is excited for the summer.

Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her friends and hanging out with family members. Talya has 2 brothers: a 17-year-old senior Todd Hawley and Wesley Cheely, who is 23 years old. Talya also has a few nieces and nephews whom she loves very much.

Talya said her role model is her mom Tina Parkins who currently lives in Missouri.

Talya is very ambitious and full of lots of goals for her life. She owns her own home at only 19 years old and works hard for what she wants. She takes time out of her day to help her friends and family with day to day tasks and can create close friendships with nearly everyone.

Talya's parents are Douglas Lovell and works at Shearer's Snacks as a Mixing Machine Operator in West Burlington, IA lives in Stronghurst and Tina Parkins of Rocky Mount, Missouri and worked as a prison guard.