The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Where Are They Now?

by Becky Smith, The Quill

 Terry Anders, a 1969 La Harpe High School graduate, was born and raised in La Harpe and currently lives in Abilene, Texas.

Terry says he started working at the age of 13 baling hay for farmers and cutting corn out of beans. At age 15, he started working at the Standard Station in La Harpe. Most of you will remember the old Standard Station at the corner of South 3rd and Main Street.

In January of 1969, he worked at Fred Gibb Chevrolet for the high school work-study program. He worked at Fred Gibb Chevrolet for 3 years and, in 1972, he bought the Standard Station.

In May of 1979 Terry and his wife, Eva (Link), moved to Houston, Texas to start work with IBM. His friends Dale Russell and Richard Owsley both worked at IBM and had talked to their branch manager about him. Terry then got a call from IBM and they wanted him to start work in a week.

Terry says they did give him a month, though, since he needed to sell his house and the station.

Terry says this was a very good move. At the time, Terry and Eva had two children: Brent (2 ) and Summer (1 ).  Leaving behind family and a town of 1300 to a town of 4 million, in a state they had never been to, was kind of scary. 

They lived in Houston for 5 years and moved to Abilene, Texas to escape the humidity and traffic. Their son had an on-going sinus infection and the doctor advised them to get him from the gulf. In November of 1984, they moved to Abilene. Terry says they have made a lot of friends here.

Both of their kids are now grown. Brent is 41 and Summer is 40.  They both live in Abilene which makes it nice for us. Summer has 2 girls, Shelby (13) and Morgan (11). They keep them busy with dance recitals and soccer games. Terry says  we wouldn t have it any other way.

In 2013, due to health issues, Terry retired from IBM after 34 years and says he is doing okay. Eva works as a head computer operator at Abilene High School and has been there for 23 years.

Terry says  I don t guess this sounds real exciting, but it has been exciting. He and Eva have been married for 48 years this June.

Terry says his high school English teacher, Mildred Love, was his most influential person.