The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Meet West Central Junior

by Aryanne Westfall, The Quill


Meet Your Neighbor Logan King, a Junior at West Central High School. He was raised in Stronghurst by his mother Penny Dolan who works with the handicapped.

Logan participated in art club and WYSE this year. He also enjoys working with computers and likes to experiment with coding in different programs.

Logan has started and has nearly finished a game he's been working hard on called Peach Paradise.

Peach Paradise is a clicker game where you collect peaches to unlock higher levels. He is excited to finish and release this project.

Logan says he enjoys U.S. History and 21st Century while in school. And as for employment, Logan often babysits his sister's two kids.

In his future, Logan says he doesn't plan on attending college, but then again, he said he might, "who knows".

Overall, he hopes to one day make it as a freelance game developer and is working hard to accomplish those goals.

Logan is also hoping to make enough money a month to live off of before even graduating.

One of Logan's favorite quotes is from the theme song of M.A.S.H, "Suicide is painless, and it brings on many changes".

It is an interesting quote and can be interpreted in many ways.

Logan has a deep appreciation towards his pets, a couple cats, and the strays he will sometimes see and take care of on occasion.

He is an animal lover at heart and very hard working.

"I think I'll join the play, err- the musical next year." Logan said when asked.

He said he'd like to try new things in life, on top of doing things he already enjoys.

Logan King is a hard worker when it comes to his passions and accomplishes large feats when he sets his mind to it.