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La Harpe City Treasurer Resigns

By: Mike Rodeffer, The Quill

The La Harpe City Treasurer Crystal Graves, informed the council that she would be resigning at the end of the month. Graves was elected Treasurer in April of 2017.

Megan Crook, representing IMEG, the City Engineering firm, formerly McClure Engineering, updated the Council on their work. Crook noted that they're in the process of completing their plans and specs for the Water Main Project.

She also noted almost all of the surveying work has been done and they have some field testing to do which they hope to do this week. Crook noted that they will have five contracts to be bid, one for the building, one for the R.O. (reverse osmosis) equipment, one for the wells, one for the water main and lift station, and one for the tank improvements.

The Engineering costs for this project will run approximately $364,335. The Council is to start making payments of $35 to $36,000 per month starting in March 2018. No payment has been made to date. The Engineering firm will be working to secure any and all grants available.

In lieu of this expense, the Council approved a line of credit at the Fortress Bank in La Harpe for a maximum amount of $370,000.

Alderman Clover added, "This is a line of credit, just in case something happens. We can't foresee the future and we could lose a grant or funding if we didn't have the money available when we need it. If something came up, some large expense, we would have to have money available so we didn't lose the whole project."

Mayor Hasten responded, "It's kind of like a back-up plan. It's money that is there in case we need it."

The council also approved an ordinance to transfer money from the City Hall Maintenance Fund to the Drug and Alcohol Fund so they could purchase another StarComm Radio while they were still half price.

The council also discussed the City Burn site. It is for yard waste only. Carpet, broken glass, construction material with nails and screws have been dumped illegally. A notice will be published in the newspaper and if rules are not followed, the site could be closed.

In other action, the council approved:

All City Council members were present including Mayor Kat Hasten, Clerk Lucretia McPeak, and Treasurer Crystal Graves, Attorney Christopher Scholz, employees Trevor Finch, Monalisa Graves, Tim Graves, Police Chief Larry Finch, Marlie Burt, David Little, Megan Crook, Dan Gillett, Chad Burt, Richard Wood, Jaime Hallowell and Mike Rodeffer.