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Meet West Central Junior Heat Athlete

by Aryanne Westfall, The Quill



Meet Your Neighbor Breann Vancil, a Junior at West Central high school. She was born at the Great River Medical Center in Burlington, IA and raised in Oquawka.

Breann enjoys playing volleyball during the school year, and practices year-round on her own time. She is an excellent setter, but is also very adept at passing.

"The volleyball season didn't end how we wanted it to, but it was fun and we all had a great time during the season." Breann said when asked about this year's season.

When it comes to high school, Breann encourages incoming freshman or underclassmen to try new things. "Join clubs and sports. Don't be discouraged about what others say. When you look back on high school you will hopefully remember the good memories you had depending on how you made it."

Breann is also a life-long softball player, but she currently plays out of the West Central school district.

After high school, Breann has her eye set on Southern Illinois University but wants to go to SCC before transferring.

Breann spends her free time indulging in hobbies she enjoys, such as: riding horses, playing softball, or just spending time outside.

Breann very much looks up to her uncle. "He is very positive and encouraging" she says, "He is retired from the Air Force, and knowing that makes me thankful for everything he has done".

Breann hopes to join the medical field while attending college. She also looks forward to playing softball or volleyball while at SCC, but then plans on focusing more on her school work after transferring.

Breann's parents are Brenda and Eric Vancil.

She also has a two year old sister named Lily and a ten year old brother, Eli.