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Oquawka Water Tower Will Get A Coat Of New Paint

Tuesday, March 6, 2018-Oquawka Board Meeting, Oquawka Village Hall

by Lisa Ray, For The Quill

The Oquawka Village Board approved a motion, made by Trustee Shawn Lain and 2nd by Trustee Tammy Bundy, to accept the bid of $45,855 to have the village water tower painted.

Central Tank Coating Inc. was awarded the work.

The Village of Oquawka Board of Trustees met on Tuesday evening, March 6, for their regular monthly board meeting. Mayor Robert Eldridge opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Present: Mayor Robert Eldridge, Trustees Hal Jern, Jason Howard, Tammy Bundy, Shawn Lain, Nancy Bundy, Village Clerk Jackie Smith and Village Attorney Andy Youngquist. Trustee Scott Ray was absent.

Motion was made by Trustee Jason Howard and 2nd by Trustee Hal Jern to approve the bills, minutes and treasurer's report.

Village Attorney Andy Youngquist reported he had attempted to contact the attorney for the Fire Protection District and has not heard back from him.

Mayor Eldridge would like a new flag to be hung on the flag pole at the Parks & Recreation Bldg.

A special meeting is planned for Tuesday March 13th at 6:30 with the Fire Protection District Trustees.

Police Chief Keith DeJaynes gave the following police report.


1 Aggravated Battery

1 Battery

1 Search Warrant for residence

2 Burglaries

5 Theft to motor vehicles

1 Escape peace officer

Criminal Arrest:

1 Aggravated Battery

1 Burglary

2 Theft to motor vehicles


3 Ambulance

6 County

Juvenile Calls: 6

Juvenile Arrests: 3

Tavern Calls: 2

Dog Calls: 7


2 Speeding

1 Failure to yield right of way intersection

1 No valid registration

1 Illegal squealing/screeching of tires

10 Illegal consumption of alcohol by a minor

Warrants: 1

Golf cart, 4 wheeler, side by side inspections: 1

Other calls: 61

Fines: $695.86

Mileage: 1547

Fuel: 138.2

Under "Old Business", the board discussed repair to the sidewalk in front of the Oar House and Sandbar Video. A motion by Trustee Tammy Bundy and 2nd by Trustee Hal Jern to have a camera ran under the sidewalk to see what the issue was approved.

Under "New Business"a motion was approved, made by Trustee Shawn Lain, 2nd by Trustee Jason Howard, to take advantage of the AmerenIL incentive to have light fixtures replaced at the fire station.

A motion was approved, made by Trustee Tammy Bundy and 2nd by Trustee Hal Jern, to repair and recoat the Village Hall roof.

Interviews for the position of Pool Manager will be held March 13th. Jackie Smith will contact those who have applied for times.

A motion was approved, made by Trustee Nancy Bundy and 2nd by Trustee Tammy Bundy, to adopt Ordinance #881 in regard to Police Body cameras.

A motion was approved, made by Howard, 2nd by Nancy Bundy, to enter into closed session to discuss personnel.