The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Harris Farm Auction Brings $1,817,168

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher

In less than thirty minutes, Saturday, the rapid auction call of Dan Sullivan, a 38-year veteran at the task, sold four tracts of a 211.61 acre land sale, reaping close to two million dollars for its owners.

The final total for the tracts was $1,817,168, and was above appraised value, averaging around $8,587 per acre.

Dan Sullivan said, they have sold land of this type, most recently in Pike County, for $13,500 an acre.

There were about 80 in attendance at the Carthage Eagles Club, but Sullivan reminds that it only takes two bidders wanting the ground to bring the price up. In the ase of Pike County, landowners on both sides wanted the land.

Track I's 103.21 acres went to Mark Jacobs at $9600 an acre.

Tract II's 29.04 acres+ went to Randy Sharpe at $5,000 an acre.

Tract III's 40 acres was bid in by Randy and Rose Scheetz at $6,500.

Tract IV's 39.36 acres was bid in by Randy and Rose Scheetz at $10,700 an acre.

The property located 4 miles north of Carthage in the Burnside-Fountain Green area, belonged to Steve Harris, and Sherry Harris.